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The Schoolmaker Book Cover
Book About John M. Webb

The Webb School of Bell Buckle Authors' photo

Webb's rich history
captured in commemorative pictorial book

The Webb School has a rich and storied past with tenets that have survived and remain as relevant today as when the school was founded in 1870. Webb will officially begin its 150th anniversary celebration on Aug.12, the first day of school. Capturing the story of Webb in honor of the anniversary is a commemorative pictorial book, The Webb School of Bell Buckle, by authors, Susan Coop Howell (right) and Hannah Byrd Little (left). Howell is Webb’s archivist, and Little is library director.

Deeply-rooted traditions and reverently held principles are at the core of Webb’s foundation, and gathering just the right photos to tell the story spanning 150 years was no small task.

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