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"The Tragedy of Hamlet – The Prince of Denmark" is Webb fall play
"The Tragedy of Hamlet – The Prince of Denmark" is Webb fall play


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The Webb School Theatre will present "The Tragedy of Hamlet – The Prince of Denmark" in the Black Box Studio Theatre of the Lundin Fine Arts Building on Nov. 7-9 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 10 at 2:30 p.m. The production is open to the public. Reservations are required, and seating is limited. General admission is $10 with no charge for children under 10. Tickets are available at For more information, call 931-389-5703.

"Written approximately 1600-1602, William Shakespeare's Hamlet arcs two young men, young Hamlet and young Fortinbras, avenging the deaths of their fathers. Old Fortinbras, former King of Norway, made a bet with Old Hamlet thereby losing his life and some important Norwegian territory in the process. Throughout our edited version of the play, we only hear of young Fortinbras and rather focus on Hamlet's story. These young Danes differ in that Fortinbras, like Laertes, boast action with little thought. If we listen carefully to Hamlet's soliloquies, his actions are steeped in deliberation. At the end of the play, the war drums of the substantial army of Fortinbras signal his advancing to reclaim Denmark. Throughout the play, we are witness to a 'sea of troubles' and a good dose of complicated royal family dynamic. Listening to Hamlet's famous 'to be or not to be' soliloquy, we begin to understand he means 'to take up arms', rather than 'lose the name of action'. In Hamlet's seven soliloquies, 'his contemplation elevates this story from an entertaining bloodbath to a haunting meditation on universal questions about morality, truth, and purpose.'"

Ruth Cordell, Webb Theatre Director/Scott Bartelson, Hartford Stage


"Our wills and fates do so contrary run

That our devices still are overthrown.

Our thoughts are ours, their ends none of our own."

Player King Act 3, sc2 Hamlet, Prince of Denmark


Shakespeare's Hamlet has been edited for time by Cordell for The Webb Players. Janet Linton is music director. The cast includes the following students: Hamlet, Prince-Slate Bowers; Gertrude, Queen-Jael Davis, Claudius, King-Kojo Kufuor; Polonius-Andrew Turner; Laertes-Michael Jones; Ophelia-Adelia Stanley; Horatio-Trey Snell; Rosencrantz-Mackenzie McKillip; Guildenstern-Mili Walton; first Lady-In-Waiting For Ophelia, Gertrude, Francisco and Player King-Olivia Greer; Bernardo, Player Queen, second Lady-Bailey Brock; Marcellus, Gravedigger-Lucy Wilson; Osric, Player Prologue-Ellie Williams; Doctor Of Divinity, Court Guard-Emma Gabeheart; Court Guard-Jessica Le; Court Guard-Daisy Liu; Court Guard-Caitlen Yasui; Young Lady In Court-Ilana Gunther; Young Lady In Court-Ryan Sublette. 

The tech crew includes the following students: Bailey Chance-sound and lights coordination; Adam McAbee-sound tech; Johnathon Savage-lights; Jesse Joslin-lights; Allie Bollow-sound tech; Zach Jones-props and backstage tech; Sydney Sinclair-backstage tech; Yuki Lyu-backstage tech. Micheala Gilgenbach, is tech director, Maryanna Walton, script supervisor; Eric Ouimet, faculty help and support; and Scout Mayhand, costumes. Jason Joslin and Hunter Helton, maintenance staff members, assisted the tech crew.