Lin translator for Chinese artist at American Museum of Natural History
Lin translator for Chinese artist at American Museum of Natural History

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Alice Lin, a Webb senior boarding student from China, is on an educational adventure in New York City serving as a translator for Zhao Chuang, a Chinese scientific artist. Chuang is the illustrator for an exhibition "T. rex: The Ultimate Predator" that will be open to the public at the American Museum of Natural History March 11, 2019-Aug. 9, 2020.

Prior to the opening of the exhibit, Chuang will participate in a press conference and Alice will translate. After meeting with the press, a group of Chinese science educators will film a documentary about Chuang's work, and Alice will also assist him during that project. It is the first time she's served as a translator at a professional level.

"He knows some English, so I will not have to translate the more technical terms of his work," she explained. But, just the same Alice has been reviewing Chuang's biographical information and the vocabulary related to his work. "His subject is mainly dinosaurs. I'm not very familiar with them, so I am studying," she said, to be ready for Tuesday morning when she goes to work at the museum. "I feel like I will be nervous, but I do not get stage fright. I will be comfortable translating."

Chuang is a friend of Alice's father, who suggested that she could be the illustrator's translator. Chuang agreed, so Alice will fly to New York on Monday night and remain there through Thursday assisting him. Alice, who said she was very lucky to get this opportunity, has been fluent in English since arriving at Webb as a ninth grader. That and a lot of preparation about dinosaurs is all that was required to serve as his translator.

"Talking with so many people who have worked in the scientific education field – those who have gone through the process to follow that chosen career path – will be interesting," she said. "As translator, I'll get to learn many things."

A member of the class of 2019, Alice has been accepted to several colleges, but has not made a final decision. Her field of study will be environmental science that she wants to combine with other interests in an entrepreneurial career.

In his professional biographical information, Chaung is also noted as co-founder of PNSO with scientific children's books author, Ms. Yang Yang. The website explains that PNSO, is "a specialized organization devoted to Scientific Art creation and research and launched PNSO's Scientific Art Projects Plan: The Stories on Earth (2010-2070). The plan uses scientific art to create a captivating, historically accurate narrative. These narratives are based on the latest scientific research, focusing on the complex relationships between species, natural environments, communities, and cultures. The narratives consider the perspectives of human civilizations while exploring Earth's past, present, and future. The PNSO founders plan to spend 60 years to do research and create unique and engaging scientific art and literature for people around the world. They hope to share scientific knowledge through publications, exhibitions, and courses. PNSO's overarching goal is to serve research institutions and the general public, especially young people."