Hands In Hands China Program

By Julie Harris
Director of Enrollment Management


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Day 1: Beijing Olympic Park

Day 2: Visit to Aerospace City School of RDFZ and Chinese Theatre

Day 3: the Great Wall

Day 4: National Museum and Forbidden City

When we arrived in Beijing for the Hands In Hands China Program, we toured the Beijing Olympic Park. On the first full day, we spent the day at the Aerospace City School of RDFZ and were with first and second graders. We made special Zhongzi treats for the Dragon Boat Festival, created Chinese art and enjoyed special performances by some very talented students! We ended the day attending a special theatre show (that had a live waterfall on stage) produced by the man who produced Beijing’s Olympic open ceremonies on 2008. We also had a wonderful traditional Chinese dinner. It was the perfect day and our students loved spending time with the children at the school. 

Today we experienced one of the seven wonders of the world - The Great Wall! Later in the evening, we enjoyed a special Peking Duck dinner and the busy streets of Beijing. 

We spent the day in Beijing City visiting the famous Tian’anmen Square. We visited the National Museum of China and learned about Chinese history and art. This museum is the third largest museum in the world, measuring 65,000 meters with over 1 million artifacts. We then visited the Forbidden City, the palace for 24 different emperors who reigned from the 15th to 20th centuries. We also enjoyed lunch at a restaurant located in the former US Embassy and nice dinner in the city. Thank you to our Elson Zhang’s father for being our parent host again today! 

Our last day in Beijing we visited the beautiful Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven. The evening ended with our Webb Reception for our Webb Chinese students and parents. We welcomed four new Chinese families into our Webb Family. Thank you to the parents of Elson Zhang and Justin Zhu for arranging our Beijing Reception and for Olly Wang ‘09 for helping lead and translate at the event. It was a wonderful evening!


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Shanghai Day One: We took a speed train from Beijing to Shanghai and settled into our hotel. 

Shanghai Day Two: We  I wonderful day exploring Shanghai. When he visited the top of the Oriental Pearl tower and enjoy the glass floor observatory deck then toured the famous Bund by boat. Later that evening we attending our Webb reception and met many new parents and students. The even was planned and hosted by Zia Wang ‘21 and her parents. 

Shanghai Day 3: We began our day visiting the New York University Shanghai campus then enjoyed a visit to Disneyland Shanghai. It was a first visit to Disneyland from many of our students!

Shanghai Day 4: Our final day in Shanghai was spent visiting an ancient water town about and hour and a half outside of Shanghai called Xitang. We enjoyed learning about the history of the old town, eating a wonderful lunch at a testy with a beautiful view of the water and strolling the outdoor market and shopping for souvenirs to take home. 


Hands In Hands China Program

Hands in Hands combines Webb students from the East and the West to become true friends, experience and learn about different cultures. Each June, Webb students are invited to spend 10 days visiting various cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The trip The program was created by current parents and students from China and seeks to influence and support students, while contributing to the community and school in a positive way.