Five Webb staff members attend RenWeb Power Conference

Five Webb staff members will join school personnel from across the country at the annual RenWeb Power Conference in Dallas, July 11-13. RenWeb is a provider of Internet-based school information systems.

Attending from Webb are Cindy Cox-business assistant of operations; Melissa James-assistant to the dean of students; Carrie Auwarter-associate director of admissions; Rhea Hyatt-assistant director of admissions; and Micky Donovan-registrar/academic assistant.

Webb uses RenWeb as the vehicle for communication between all members of the school community: faculty, staff, parents and students. The system houses all lesson plans and grade books for teachers. The program also is used to manage information about students and faculty, and the academic office uses RenWeb to manage schedules, grades, report cards and transcripts.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend training sessions, roundtable discussions with personnel from other schools and gain assistance about specific topics or issues from the RenWeb customer support team. Additionally, those attending can see demonstrations on RenWeb products and services and participate in seminars about other topics of interest to school personnel.

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