"Faces and Our Cultures provides exchange for Webb, Guatemalan students
"Faces and Our Cultures provides exchange for Webb, Guatemalan students

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Taylor Petersen, Copeland Rone and Gianna Wagnon were the first Webb participants in Faces & Our Cultures, a cultural exchange experience between Guatemala and the U.S. that partners with 100 schools in 13 different states. Each year more than 160 cultural ambassadors from Guatemala travel to the US to share their culture with school communities and learn from the American culture.

Webb partnered this year by providing a seven-week exchange program. First, two students from Guatemala joined the Webb community from Oct. 17-Dec. 10. The students were Kristhal Guerra, 11th grader and Adriana De la Torre, 9th grader. Both girls lived on campus in Rand Dormitory.

During summer, Petersen and Rone traveled to Guatemala for two weeks and Wagnon for four weeks. They lived with a host family and were fully immersed in academic classes with their student host.

"It's a good opportunity for us," said Moira Smith, Foreign Language Department chair, when the program was initiated. She noted that when language students meet students from other countries, it makes language programs take off. "It's great for our students."

For more information about this program, contact Moira Smith at msmith@webbschool.com or Carrie Auwarter at cauwarter@webbschool.com.