Diversity Week celebrated with chapel presentations
Diversity Week celebrated with chapel presentations

Webb's Diversity Club planned the Diversity Week celebration this year with chapel presentations on April 26, April 28 and April 20 due to COVID-19. Webb has students enrolled from 14 countries, including the U.S.

On April 26, Iris Reyes introduced Diversity Week:

"As a school, we have a responsibility to create and uphold an atmosphere which celebrates the differences which collectively make each one of us unique... ."

The programming for the week includes a movie created especially for Diversity Week by the International Film Club, a presentation on the tradition of Celtic Storytelling by faculty member Jason Simpson, and a presentation by Matteo Carbini on the Cayman Islands. 

Webb's Diversity Club includes: Iris Reyes, Emma Roy, Sydney Sinclair, Emma Gabehart and Yaotin Zhang.