Chicago Bulls assistant coach is Aug. 30 Follin speaker at Webb
Chicago Bulls assistant coach is Aug. 30 Follin speaker at Webb

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The Webb School 2018-2019 Follin Speaker Series will welcome Chicago Bulls Assistant Coach Nate Loenser on Aug. 30 at 2:20 p.m. in the Follin Chapel. The event is free and open to the public.

Loenser, 39, was named assistant coach in 2017 after serving as head coach of the Windy City Bulls, the team's Development League Affiliate. As he enters his 18th basketball season in coaching he has also coached at Iowa State University, the University of Southern Mississippi, and three different high school programs in the state of Iowa. He is a graduate of Iowa State with a degree in exercise and sports sciences.

In a 2016 Chicago Tribune article when he was named the D-League head coach, writer K.C. Johnson said, "The Cedar Falls, Iowa, native will seek to accomplish these goals with his mind and his voice, even as he knows many eyes will fall on his left arm. Or, more accurately, his partial left arm. In that article, Loenser said, "I automatically have attention on me just because of my physical difference that I was born with ... . But instead of taking that as a negative, I've tried to spin that into a positive. I don't necessarily think I've had it any better or worse than anybody else. I think we've all had different things we overcome, whether people know about them or not." He added, "Life is about adversity. It's how you respond to those challenges and what you make out of the tools that are in your toolbox."

Loesner will bring that message to Webb -- "making the most of the innate 'tools in your toolbox' and also the importance of accumulating tools in your lifelong journey to be as successful as possible and make the most positive impact no matter the adversity or circumstances." The speaker will include excerpts of his career journey as part of the presentation.

The Follin Speaker Series is an endowed program at The Webb School. For more information, call 931-389-5703.