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Webb has a new website design, and it will be necessary to re-subscribe in order to automatically “sync” with some or all of the schools iCalendars.

When you subscribe to a calendar, what you are doing is enabling your calendar program to periodically check in with the website and receive the latest information. This is greatly preferable to downloading, as it will serve to keep your calendar automatically synched with the website's calendars.

To re-subscribe, go to “The School” listed in the navigation at the top of a website page. Scroll down and click on “Calendars” then “Subscribe to iCalendars”.

Click here, and a new table will appear containing all available website calendars.

To subscribe to an individual calendar, hover your mouse pointer over the green iCal icon for the calendar you want to choose. You will then be given three options to select the calendar format you use.

If you have questions about the iCalendars, please email Rita Mitchell at