Mission Statement

Webb's mission is "to turn out young people who are tireless workers, and who know how to work effectively; who are accurate scholars; who know the finer points of morals and practice them in their daily living; who are always courteous.”

Enduring Understandings

Webb's future is intimately connected to the values of its original visionaries. The school supports six enduring understandings based upon these founding values. They are:

Integrity is a cornerstone of a flourishing life and community.

Learning is an enjoyable and ongoing process.

Respect for self and others is essential to a harmonious society.

Self-discipline and autonomy are essential to success.

Each person has unique gifts and capacities and a responsibility to develop them.

Each person shares the responsibility and honor of serving others.

The Webb Difference


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Webb's Values

The Webb School embraces 
Judeo-Christian values and the shared moral values of world religions represented by our students and faculty. These values are the foundation of our Honor Code and our community standards.