The Character of Home®

While some aspects of a Webb education have evolved through the years, the foundations and traditions upon which the school was built have held firm and bind generations of students.

Sharing your story about experiences as a Webb student is a way of awakening memories that for some could be decades old and for others as fresh as recent years. Whatever decade you attended, you have a story, and we’d like to hear it! We’d also like to share it on the website and in future magazines.

Showcasing these stories will be an amazing addition of the 150th Anniversary. Please "Share Your Story" using the form on this page. We’re kicking off this special year with excerpts from the stories of five alumni – Gwen Owen ’75, Paul Jennings ’82, Ben Blakeley ’93 and Kaleb and Sarada Tilton, both ’12.

Sit back and enjoy how they rekindled their memories of The Webb School. Then start thinking about yours!

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Did you ever hear the headmaster say
“You may have the day”?

Did you play football in the dell?

Can you recall trapping?
Do you remember Miss Jeanne’s picnic?

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