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The Webb Endowment:
Celebrating its impact - past, present, and future

One of the Webb 150 milestones worth noting is the vision in the 1970s to create an endowment. As of the 100th anniversary, the school did not have an endowment, and tuition and annual financial contributions were providing most, if not all of the funding of the school. Fundraising at that time involved soliciting annual donations and capital projects. The idea of dedicating resources to a corpus invested in perpetuity had not yet been implemented. Within just a few years after the centennial, 1974, the endowment was reported in the Alumni Bulletin to have reached $100,000. Today, the endowment provides 14% of Webb's annual operating revenues, and has surpassed $30 million in market value (including appreciation).

Webb to endow fund in memory of Moira Judas Smith for travel to French-speaking countries

"I am so happy that the school is doing this ( in Madame's memory, and this is just the beginning," remarked L.R. Smith, devoted husband of 35 years, and teacher at The Webb School since 1978.  "My personal hope is that the fund reaches $100,000 one day. Knowing this fund will exist in perpetuity to help students is amazing...She would be greatly pleased."
--L.R. Smith

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Moira Smith Endowment photo

Endowments making a difference

“I often tell people that Webb not only provided me with an excellent preparation for college and graduate school, but also the personal confidence and moral compass that serves me to this day,” said David LaRoche. “I feel very fortunate to have a Webb education, and my family only wishes that more people could benefit from all that Webb has to offer.”

--David LaRoche '98

Sarah Beth Smotherman '23 photo

Sarah Beth Smotherman' 23 is LaRoche Family Foundation Scholarship Recipient.
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“Our family and friends want this scholarship to enable deserving students to have the full Webb experience -- live on campus, receive an outstanding college preparatory education, and learn the commitment to honor, integrity and character that Webb instills."

--Davis Turner '79

Alex Garrett photo

Alex Garrett is Andrew Stuart "Rusty" Turner '82 Memorial Scholarship recipient.
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