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Head of School Ray Broadhead

A Message from Vance Berry '72, Board of Trustees Chair

I am honored to serve on the board at Webb as we celebrate "Webb 150". Webb 150 truly represents the work of many:  Trustees, faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, friends, and volunteers all helping to make the 2019-2020 year memorable. Please take a moment to review the social events, historical exhibits, educational programs, and philanthropic opportunities listed on these accompanying webpages. I think you will find that there is something to make everyone smile in the coming year.

Webb 150 is quite a milestone. The vision that Sawney and John Webb began in Culleoka still inspires. The virtues they taught are timelessly embodied in the original mission still currently recited weekly during chapel:  "To turn out young people who are tireless workers, and who know how to work effectively; who are accurate scholars; who know the finer points of morals, and practice them in their daily living; who are always courteous..." 

One of the lessons that countless generations of Webb students have learned is the value of honor and integrity--Noli Res Subdole Facere: "Do nothing on the sly". Since my time in the early 1970s when I was a student, those words have grown in significance. My classmates and I have remained in close contact since we graduated. We have been there for each other as we experienced the joys and tragedies that happen in life. We have been well served by Webb's ideals which help young people define purpose, find meaning, and learn the importance of collaborating respectfully and ethically.

At the same time, many things have changed since 1870.  The world moves at a different pace: technology allows us to do things that previous generations could only write about in science fiction novels. Who would have predicted in the 19th century that we could fly through the air, have satellites that indicate our exact position on earth, or communicate in real time across the globe. While there is much tradition to a Webb education, there is also the imperative to become familiar with the body of knowledge that is needed for the 21st century. And today, I am delighted to see what The Webb School has become. 

My work as a board member for more than 10 years has made me especially proud of the school. In the strategic plan created in 2012 envisioning Webb in 2022, we aspire to be an independent school that upholds its traditions and is motivated by learning. Webb welcomes students from all over the world, and there is tremendous strength in having students of different cultures share their lives with each other. Webb's location in Bell Buckle is an asset, providing an opportunity to be part of a real community. The campus is as beautiful as it has ever been, thanks to recent facility improvements and new construction. During the past few years, Webb has also expanded its curricular offerings significantly. Webb graduates are positioned to attend colleges all over the world, pursuing degrees in a wide range of fields including the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and the practical arts.

The past, present, and future of The Webb School is a story worth telling, especially during our 150th anniversary. I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming year as we celebrate together.   

Yours truly,
Vance Berry '72
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Webb 150 Committee

Planning Committee

Ray Broadhead, Head of School

Julie Harris '95, Director of Enrollment Management

Jonathon Hawkins, Chair, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving and Parent '21

Susan Howell, Archivist

Joe Iorio, Assistant of Head of School and Business Manager
and Parent '06, '08, '15

Hannah Little, Library Director
and Parent '17

Andrew McRady '86, History Faculty and Parent '18, '23

Rita Mitchell, Director of Communications

George Pine '68, Trustee, Ex Officio

Raymond Pryor, Director of Technology and Parent '12, '14

L. R. Smith, History Faculty and Parent '11

Matt Wilson, Director of Alumni Development