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"Do Nothing on the Sly"

This simple, direct statement forms the basic foundation of Webb School's honor code. The sentence was a frequent admonition of the School's founder, Sawney Webb and was translated into Latin as the School's motto: "Noli Res Subdole Facere."

The Honor System is The Webb School's own approach to dealing with misconduct that is essentially moral in character. Cheating, stealing, plagiarism, and lying are considered honor offenses.

The Honor Pledge

The Honor Pledge is signed by all students at the beginning of each academic year. It states: "I pledge my word of honor as a Webb gentleman or lady that I will not lie, cheat, or steal."

An additional pledge signed on all tests, papers and other assignments states: "I pledge my word of honor as a Webb gentleman or lady that I have neither given nor received any help on this assignment."

"Personal integrity is more important than money, power or fame."

These words, written many years ago by Sawney Webb, are as vital today as when first expressed. The principles of the honor code are not simply rules to follow in order to remain in good standing on Webb's campus. The honor code is a means of ensuring the highest standard of personal integrity among Webb students. Embracing the code continually enriches a campus culture of trust, freedom, security, and academic integrity that has existed since 1870.

Webb School strives for its students to embrace the honor code so that it becomes a part of their lives, even after they graduate. 1966 graduate John Callow's words, "Just because I graduated from Webb School does not mean my commitment to the honor code has ceased," express the impact the honor code has made on countless alumni.

The Honor Council

The Honor Council is the oldest student organization on campus. Students are elected to the Honor Council annually by their classmates.

Honor Council members are responsible not only for upholding the Honor Code through personal example but also for educating the student body in the finer points of honorable behavior. If you have any questions of what may or may not be honorable, please seek out a member of the Honor Council. They will be happy to assist you. The Honor Council investigates violations of the Honor Code and recommends penalties for offenders to the head of school.