The Webb School embraces the world first with a diverse student body from many different regions of the United States and from many different countries. Foreign Language travel and study through cultural exchange allows Webb students to “go to the world” and study and live the language of France and Spain. Webb fosters home stays for students from France and possibly sometime soon Spain, reflecting the key philosophy “use the language, build a friendship” of our travel managers Language and Friendship.

Spain and Beyond

Webb has plans now to offer travel and homestay to Spanish students to Sevilla, Spain. Sevilla is the capital of the Andalucia region in the south of Spain, and home to three World Heritage sites through its multi-cultural historical background. Students will stay with families in this region and fly in and out of Madrid, so that they can visit the third-largest European capital.

With a fledgling Chinese language study program in its third year at Webb, Webb will seek to offer the positive experience of travel and family stay to China soon. True, it is amazing that one can go to school in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, and literally “travel the world.” The fact that our Webb students gain so much more than travel or just language study alone when they meet and stay with someone their own age from another culture provides the desire to share language, share culture, and participate as citizens in our multicultural great wide world. Come join us!

Host French Teen

Webb’s association with Language and Friendship affords us the possibility to also host a French teen in our area during the summer. This hosting is open to any Webb student and family, and often the Webb student invites his or her French friend from the spring. Webb students enthusiastically embrace this facet of the program.

Travel/Family Stay in France

Students who study French at Webb can travel to France about every other year for a family stay and short term travel that allows them to live the personal experience of learning first-hand about French culture and building lasting friendships during Webb’s Spring Break. Each Webb student is received by a host family in France, who provides the homestay experience, works to fulfill the Webb student’s interests, and encourages language use in “real time.” Students can also go to the French school of their host teen and go on a few day trips in the surrounding area. The Webb group spends some time at the end of their experience in Paris to enjoy the “City of Lights,” somewhat as Webb’s founder Sawney Webb did in seeing the Eiffel Tower the year it was inaugurated!

Faces & Our Cultures Program

Educational Travel

  • Summer 2018 - Guatemala Exchange Click here for details. Contact Carrie Auwarter if you are interested or if you would like more information.
  • Summer 2018 - China -- For more information, click here or contact Mrs. Harris at Click here to view photos from last year's trip.
  • Thanksgiving 2018! Costa Rica's Natural Wonders -- For more information, contact Mr. Quinn at or click here for details about the trip.
  • Winter Break Trip with Jason Simpson to Québec Feb. 14-15, 2019 - Read more
  • Spring Break 2019 Trip with Susan Mullen to Venice, Florence and Cinque Terre, Italy 2019 - Read more

  • Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand - 2 Weeks - Summer 2019 -- For more information, contact Mr. Quinn at or click here for details about the trip.

Winter Break Trip to Quebec