WSPA presents dorm decorating contest awards
WSPA presents dorm decorating contest awards

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Three special awards were presented Dec. 10 to members of the residential community capping a WSPA-sponsored dorm decorating contest.

"We hope we can make it a new yearly tradition for the Webb community," said WSPA Vice President Denise Ledbetter. "We were very impressed with the effort and creativity by some of the dorms." She added, "Thanks to each of the dorms for participating and cannot wait to see what next year brings."

The awards included the following:

Santa's Special - 1st place- pizza party - Rand

They had the most decorations, the paper fireplace with stocking for each of the residents, as well as the light and handmade snowflakes down the hallway with each door wrapped with present tags. "It really was wonderful."

Holiday Warmth - 2nd place - donuts, dessert or ice cream sundae bar - Haynes Hall

"We loved the outside lights and inflatable reindeer at Haynes as well as the audio/visual fireplace, centerpieces on each table, stockings on the wall and, of course, the treats left for Santa."

Most innovative ornaments - 3rd place - donuts or dessert or ice cream sundae bar – Meadows Hall

"The ornaments with the picture of each of the residents with the pipe cleaner bodies was very unique, therefore we felt it needed recognition."