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The Honor Code

"I pledge my word of honor as a Webb gentleman or lady that I will not lie, cheat, or steal."



Ireland? Paris? Québec? Scotland? Vietnam? Come and visit the world with us!



Webb's Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Development... WILD!


Middle School Boarding

Learn about our Middle School Boarding program.


Independence and Leadership

Webb works to create an environment that encourages independence while providing its students with structure and support. Within the dorms is a network of faculty who are there not only to monitor, but also to offer advice and guidance to students who need it.

Whether it's a lesson on how to do laundry, how to manage one's personal schedule, or how to live with various personalities in the dorm, our students learn valuable life skills.

Our prefect system is designed to develop student leadership opportunities within the residential life program. There are 4 dorm parents and 2 prefects assigned to each dorm

Weekend Activities

Webb has three male and three female dormitories. Students are assigned to a dorm on the basis of their grade. Each dorm has faculty members who support students in the dorm throughout the week. Each dorm has laundry and kitchen facilities as well as common rooms. The common rooms have a TV and DVD player along with computers and Internet connections. All dorms feature a wireless network.

With a variety of weekend activities from which to choose, boarders are never at a loss for something to do. Activities range from professional and college level sporting events and concerts in Nashville to white water rafting and trips to area malls and movie theaters. Each dorm plans its own activities, as well. The dorms will go out to dinner, watch movies, go bowling, or whatever everyone decides to do.

Your Home Away from Home

Bell Buckle, TN

A railroad village of preserved and restored Victorian homes and churches nestled among the hills, farmland and walking horse country of Bedford County, Tennessee. The Webb School, within walking distance to downtown, is an integral part of the history of this unique town.

Nashville, TN

Less than an hour away from Webb, Nashville thrives with an ever-present creative vibe and entrepreneurial spirit. Its roots are deeply felt throughout the street art, creative culture and award-winning food. And that spirit extends to family-friendly fun, fan-filled football and unforgettable historical attractions.

Upcoming WILD Trips:

WILD Spring 2023

01/14/2023 Caving Day-Trip Indian Grave Point Cave

01/21/2023 Rock Climbing Daytrip - Chattanooga

02/08/2023 Winter Break 4-Day Backpacking Cumberland Island

02/18/2023 Caving Day-Trip Indian Grave Point Cave

02/24/2023 Environmental AP Class Trip 3-day

03/04/2023 Duck River Trash Clean-Up Community Service

03/10/2023 Forestry Cabin Overnight – Sewanee

03/15/2023 Alumni 3-Day Backpacking – Savage Gulf

03/24/2023 Spring Break 5-Day Canoe – Fontana Lake

04/06/2023 Easter Break 3-Day Adventure

04/21/2023 Backpacking Overnight – Walls of Jericho

05/06/2023 Canoe/Kayak Daytrip Duck River

05/13/2023 Whitewater Rafting - Ocoee

05/20/2023 Senior Survival