Distance Learning Highlights

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Creative approaches, online tools
provide foundations for distance learning

"Everyone is committed to working with our students to provide the quality education that is Webb's hallmark." 

Head of School Ray Broadhead


Rosie Arellano – Spanish 1B Class

Spanish Action News Now!!! The project idea was to help the students on how to begin an interview in Spanish. The final product of producing a video was to give all students the opportunity to demonstrate what they had learned. They were to be creative and have fun. This was a unique interview because the student involved her mother. I was happy to see how she not only took the time to do it, but also she took the time to teach her mom how to speak in Spanish and work together to get through this pandemic.

Webb Workouts
Coach Donnelle Dickson
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Rosie Arellano - Spanish 1B

Tabetha Sullens, Middle School Head -
McDonnell-Follin Scholar Program

As part of the McDonnell-Follin Scholars Program, Mollie Kate Creech provided a video explanation of her research each week to Tabetha Sullens, who assisted her as a Scholar. In this video, she is describing the most rewarding part of the program.  

Jason Simpson - French Class - Bell Buckle en direct

Bell Buckle en direct is series of videos posted regularly in Jason Simpson's Google Classroom Stream. It takes the place of warmup activities that students normally do at the start of class: talking about the date, weather and what’s going on in their lives. Sometimes the students hop on to show off their French skills too, and there are now special episodes that review old structures or introduce new vocabulary for students who want to explore French beyond the scope of our current online lessons.

Jonathan Chicken - AP European History Class

The class focused on the use of propaganda posters
to influence audiences from the period 1930-1945. 

Rosie Arellano - Spanish IA Class

Fashion show project from students in Spanish 1A. The Fashion Show Presentation uses the target language (oral presentation) and modeling. In the program, the students included everything they learned: clothing items, colors, seasons, correct conjugation of verbs, noun-adjective agreement. The student/ speaker was required to use descriptive words.

Kevin Finn - English Class 
Taming of the 'speare
A very brief intro to Shakespeare

Ralph Jones - U.S. History Class

Lea Anne Windham - Math Class
Data Projects
Look Out Your Window

Look Out Your Window Math Powerpoint

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Photo Slideshow

Lacrosse Tips- Coaches Jon Bloom, Richard Mahoney

Michele Daniel -
Feet to Feet Silver Linings Photo/Video Contest

Amy Sheehan -
Science Inventions

Jackson's portable bird perch

Kevin Finn - 7th Grade English

Kevin Finn asked his 7th graders to analyze how the dwarves are characterized in The Hobbit and, from there, to hypothesize what it might be like to live with the dwarves during lockdown.

Webb Misses Students!

Amy Sheehan -
7th Grade Science Class

Amy Sheehan gave students an assignment that focused on understanding adaptations. They had to redesign the human body with three physical adaptations that would benefit activities that they personally enjoy. The final product was a self-portrait showing those adaptations.

Jonathan Chicken -
AP World History

Battles of the Second World War Presentation

The class focused on important battles and topics in the
Second World War. 
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Daiva Berzinskas - ELL Grammar Class

Susan Mullen -
Strings Class
Kaden Thephavong

Feet 2 Feet Club
Card Project - 
Michele Daniel - School Counselor/Club Advisor

Feet 2 Feet Card Project - 4-16-20

The club card project focusing on students, faculty/staff is underway.

Mike Quinn -
Art Class

Hanna Gao, Mackenzie McKillip, Daisy Liu, Art work by Colton Enmon, Chaney McKnight, Daisy Liu

Rosie Arellano - AP Spanish
Language and Culture Partner Chat

AP Spanish Class photo

Students can stay engaged using the target language via audio/video synchronous conversations.