2018-2019 Photos

Commencement Day Gallery 2

MS Book Awards/
8th Grade Graduation

US Book Awards

String Pops Concert

"The Addams Family"

MS D.C. Trip

Prom 4-6-19

8th Grade Formal

Grandparents' Day

Winter Break
Cumberland Island

Winter Break
Quebec Trip

Chinese New Year

Belles & Buckles Gala

Lessons and Carols

Strings Christmas Concert

Blazer Day

Follin Speaker
Cal Turner, Jr.

The Merchant of Venice

STEAM Festival

Middle School New Frontiers Trip

Football Homecoming 2018

Parents' Weekend

Follin Speaker - Erica Wright '99 Author

Follin Speaker - Nate Loenser
Chicago Bulls Asst. Coach

Signing Honor Pledge Books

Opening Day

Welcome Home Social

Orientation Day

International Orientation Day

Recognition Dinner