A varsity or middle school team sport is a competitive experience and not all student/athletes receive the same participation opportunities in athletic contests. However, the Athletic Department will strive to educate all student/athletes, regardless of ability, in work ethic, discipline, sportsmanship, proper fundamentals, the ability to use constructive criticism appropriately, and team commitment. Because all of our teams play competitive schedules, we as coaches must do our best to prepare our teams both mentally and physically to reach their highest potential.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Athletics Department is to motivate students to strive for personal excellence in life through involvement in academic, athletic, and recreational endeavors.

Code of Ethics

  • Treat others as you know they should be treated, and as you wish them to fairly treat you.
  • Regard the rules of your game as agreements, the spirit or letter of which you should not evade or break.
  • Treat officials and opponents with respect.
  • Honor visiting teams and spectators as your own guests and treat them as such, and behave as an honored guest when you visit another school.
  • Be gracious in victory and defeat.
  • Remember that your actions on and off the field reflect on you and your school.