Jena Jones, CMAA
Associate Director of Athletics

Laken Puckett, MS, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Shelby Lamb
Physical Education, Wellness Teacher

Richard Mahoney
Athletics Assistant/Facilities 

Kyle Turnbow
Head Football Coach/  Director of Summer    Programs

The Webb School
Coaching Assignments

Girls Soccer (Fall) Head Coach: Kevin Moore, Administrator                             
Volleyball (Fall) Head Coach: Jena Jones, Administrator
Middle School Cross Country (Fall) Head Coach: Henry Brooks, Faculty
Assistant Coach: Kate Allen, Faculty
Middle School Cheerleading (Winter) Head Coach: Laken Puckett, Administrator
Boys Basketball (Winter) Head Coach: Eric Brewton, Jr., Non-Faculty
Assistant Coach: Michael Edwards, Faculty
Girls Basketball (Winter)

Head Coach: Scott Sutton, Faculty 
Assistant Coach: Jodi Campbell, Faculty

Girls Lacrosse (Spring) Head Coach: Ceara Caffry, Webb Fellow
Boys Soccer (Spring) Head Coach: Scott Sutton, Faculty
Middle School Golf  (Spring) Head Coach: Jason Reeves, Non-Faculty
Middle School Tennis (Spring) Head Coach: Jennifer Anderson, Faculty                         
Middle School Baseball (Spring) 

Co-Head Coach:  Michael Edwards, Faculty
Co-Head Coach:  Justin Rose, Staff


Boys and Girls Cross Country (Fall)

Head Coach:  Cathy Cheeseman, Non-Faculty
Assistant Coach:  Henry Brooks, Faculty
Assistant Coach:  Kate Allen, Faculty

Football (Fall)

Head Coach:  Kyle Turnbow, Administrator
Assistant Coach: Michael Edwards, Faculty
Assistant Coach: Jonathan Simmons, Non-Faculty
Assistant Coach: Jalen Mosley, Non-Faculty         

Boys and Girls Golf (Fall) 

Head Coach: Jeff Mitchell, Faculty
Assistant Coach: Jason Reeves, Non-Faculty

Girls Soccer (Fall)

Head Coach: Kevin Moore, Administrator 
Assistant Coach: Alexis Larion, Non-Faculty

Volleyball (Fall)

Head Coach: Shelby Lamb, Staff
Assistant Coach: Clint Insell, Non-Faculty

Skeet/Trap  (Fall) 

Head Coach: Buck Smith, Faculty
Assistant Coach: L.R. Smith, Faculty
Assistant Coach: Matt Wilson, Administrator

Boys Basketball (Winter)

Head Coach: Jeff Mitchell, Faculty
Assistant Coach: James Garcia, Administrator
Assistant Coach: Scott Persichetti, Faculty

Girls Basketball (Winter)

Head Coach: Matthew Shewmake, Staff
Assistant Coach: Consella Johnson, Non-Faculty
Assistant Coach: Eric Brewton, Jr., Staff

Cheerleading (Fall-Winter)   

Head Coach: Laken Puckett, Administrator
Sponsor: Tiger Bratta, Non-Faculty

Boys Lacrosse (Spring)  

Head Coach: Richard Mahoney, Staff
Assistant Coach: Rhea Hyatt, Staff

Girls Lacrosse (Spring) Head Coach: Scott Persichetti, Faculty
Softball (Spring)

Head Coach: Shelby Lamb, Faculty
Assistant Coach: Alexis Larion, Non-Faculty 

Boys Soccer (Spring)

Head Coach: Kevin Moore, Administrator
Assistant Coach: Scott Sutton, Non-Faculty

Boys and Girls Tennis (Spring) 

Head Coach: Jena Jones, Administrator
Assistant Coach: Jeffery Gaines, Non-Faculty