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The Webb School Alumni and Development Office in partnership with the W.I.L.D. program invites you to participate in the first ever WILD Alumni Adventures trip! Join us March 15-17, 2023 for a three day backpacking adventure covering 18 miles in Tennessee’s newest state park, Savage Gulf State Park. On this hike, you will pass by many remarkable waterfalls and scenic vistas. Hiking alongside other Webb alumni, this trip will surely be one to be remembered!


Sign up by February 15, 2023 for special early bird pricing ($200) and to get an exclusive “WILD Alumni Adventures” shirt. Click on the link below for additional details about signing up. Get back in touch with your “WILD side” and join us for this WILD Alumni Adventures exclusive!

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We will backpack 18 miles over 3 days camping in tents, and cooking over stoves. This area is the home of many scenic vistas and waterfalls. We will spend the last night in primitive Hobbs’ Cabin.