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See Who’s Attending
As of 4/19/18

Registration is now open! Check back often to see which of our classmates are coming. To have your name added to this list, please register above and/or let your Class Agent know you will be attending. We look forward to seeing you in Bell Buckle in April.

The following alumni have let us know they are planning to attend:

Class of 1948

Charlie Fentress
Ham Smythe

Class of 1949

Grady Clinkscales
Ed Davies
John Gray III
Roy Nance

Class of 1956

Jim Nance

Class of 1958

John Barringer
Leon Levy
Rod McDowell
William Powers
Tom Whitsitt

Class of 1968

Charles Alexander
Sandy Bonder
Lynn Cobb
Allen Craven
Eric Forsbergh
William Harrell
Robert Lee
Rob Lewis
Jim McDonnell
Michael Murphy
Phil Neal
Robert Nelson
John Odell
David Pilcher
George Pine
Forrest Shoaf
John Holmes Smith
Roane Waring

Class of 1969

Ray Gill

Class of 1970

Fred Alexander

Class of 1972

Debbie Atterholt

Class of 1973

Mike Booth
Webb Follin
Archie Gardner
George Johnson
Jim King (tentative)
Scott Lenoir
Cove Norvell
Steve Peters
Harold Segroves
Tom Simmons
John Stephenson
Howard Taylor
Roy Turrentine

Class of 1974

Dwight Atterholt
Dan Hathorn
George Johnson

Class of 1975

Sharon Bell
Moe Hill

Class of 1976

Bob Davies

Class of 1977

Charles Abernathy

Class of 1978

Sam Barber
Crit Currie
John Earthman
Jim Mathes
Dawn Shepherd
Hamilton Woods
Lee Woosley

Class of 1979

Davis Turner

Class of 1980

Melora Turner
Libby Williams Willis

Class of 1983

Drew Carrington
Mary Chamberlin
Robert English
Pam Harrison
Kathrin Lowery
Carmel Swanson Tritschler

Class of 1985

John Baker

Class of 1988

Liz Boggan
Angie Burns
John Clark
David Coggins
Martin Dean
Ed Fox
David Hardman (tentative)
Rebecca Johns-Wommack
Ransom Jones
EnaShea Kohler
Paul Martin
John McFarlin
Nathan McHardy
Kevin Merritt
Charles Miller
Jodie McRady Richardson
John Richardson
Natalie Sansom
Katherine Schnorrenberg
Linda Woods Thomas

Class of 1989

Trey Smith

Class of 1993

Ben Blakeley
Johnny Earnest
Amy McClauey
Jason Parker
Jennifer Rupley Smith
Melissa Schneider Smith
Philip Storvik

Class of 1995

Julie Harris
Karl Schmeide

Class of 1998

Jessie Akin
Jessie Corlew-Haines Bornemann
Crystal Crowder
Caroline Hulan Howell
Christian Knaak
David LaRoche

Class of 2003

Katherine Layman
Matthew Layman
Caitlin Roberts Jennings

Class of 2005

Joe Griggs

Class of 2007

Harris Abernathy
Rhea Hyatt

Class of 2008

Michelle Iorio
Gabby Raborn Jones
Margot Pera
Manjari Singh

Class of 2013

Jami Averwater
Tyler Burns
Sam Coleman
Tristan Cunningham
Dillon Dodson
Brent Dotson
Emilee Gibson
Mariah King
Abby Ramey
Chilton Smith
Haley St. John
Coleman Walker

Class of 2014

Hailey Williams

Current Faculty and Staff

Alyce Allen
Hallie Barrett
Neil Barrett
Jon Bloom
Leone Broadhead
Ray Broadhead
Kathleen Camp
Dorothy Elkins
James Garcia
Mallory Garcia
Carmen Greenberg
Jonathon Hawkins
Susan Howell
Joe Iorio
Melissa James
Ralph Jones
Nichole Jordan
Janet Linton
Hannah Little
Gayle McClanahan
Rita Mitchell
Larry Nichols
Kelly Northrup
Effie O'Neill
Raymond Pryor
Mike Quinn
Jason Simpson
L. R. Smith
Moira Smith
Sandy Truitt
Matt Wilson
Sue Wood
Amy Xia

Reunion Giving

For generations, alumni have supported The Webb School, whether it is to continue the Webb experience cherished by alumni or to further enhance the Webb journey for Feet to come. Reunion giving is just one more way to demonstrate your love for Webb. To show your support, click here to make an online gift today. Thank you!