Dear Webb Family,

As we celebrate The Webb School’s 149th academic year, please take a moment to think about the impact Webb has had on your life. If you are like me, Webb made a lasting impression. As an alumnus from the Class of 1973, learning, growing and sharing in such an encouraging environment helped me become who I am today.

There has never been a better time to celebrate The Webb School! In August, 301 students from 18 nations and 14 states began classes. In addition, plans are already underway to celebrate the School’s sesquicentennial in the next academic year. This is a very exciting time to invest in the future of our school.

Webb relies on the generous support of its dedicated alumni, parents and friends to continue offering an excellent education grounded in our core values of honor, integrity, and character. Increasing faculty compensation and student financial aid are two priorities that have received real dollar increases over the last year thanks in large part to strong support of The Webb Fund.

Last year, 100% of our dedicated faculty and Board of Trust members made a gift to The Webb Fund. These gifts, along with ours, make a real difference in the financial plan for the school, helping underwrite operating expenses and scholarships. Our shared participation provides us the opportunity to make a greater difference together than any one of us could individually.

Sawney Webb used to encourage his students to “take a hand in the game”. I encourage you to join me in “taking a hand in the game” by supporting The Webb Fund with your gift. Click here to make your online gift today.

Thank you!

Webb Follin III '73

Webb Fund Chair (2017-18, 2018-19)

P.S. Your contribution to The Webb Fund can help ensure that our school maintains our strong traditions and builds on the rich history of achievements that have made Webb what it is today, a community that continues to make a real difference in the lives of its students.

2017-2018 Webb Fund Surpasses Goal

Thanks to the 696 donors from our community for their generosity in supporting the 2017-2018 Webb Fund. This number includes 100% of our faculty, administration and board of trustees as well as outstanding support from alumni, parents, grandparents and friends. We surpassed the budgeted goal of $575,000 raising a grand total of $579,505.09 in funding for our students and faculty.

Our 2017-2018 Webb Fund Chair Webb Follin '73 said, "The annual, year-after-year support of our loyal donors truly allows Webb to provide an outstanding education. It is their support that provides the extras that help make a Webb education challenging and unique. We couldn't do it without them. Our new fiscal year started July 1 so the continued investment of these donors as well as new supporters will help fulfill Webb's mission of educating tireless workers and accurate scholars who are dedicated to honor and personal integrity. Let's keep the momentum going!"

Gifts to The Webb Fund amount to almost $2,000 per student in financial resources beyond what tuition provides. This amount represents 6% of the annual budget each year and gives the school the flexibility to meet needs as they arise in areas such as financial aid, faculty compensation, school enrichment and athletics. The fund helps underwrite countless programs and activities for Webb students including W.I.L.D., trap and skeet, visual arts and pottery, musical performance, and the student newspaper, The Oracle.

"Webb Follin has been a fabulous ambassador this year, and I am delighted that he is staying on as Webb Fund chair for 2018-2019," said Matt Wilson, director of alumni and development.

"The Alumni and Development Office, under the leadership of Matt Wilson, and with support from Webb Fund Chair Webb Follin '73 executed their thoughtful plan and exceeded their target goal," added Head of School Ray Broadhead.

"We very grateful for the hundreds of donors who believe in Webb, and we thank them for their generous support."