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One way donors help Webb is by naming the school a beneficiary of assets that they hold until the end of their lifetimes. Known as “Planned Gifts”, these typically involve consideration of future financial plans and input from professional advisers.

The Webb School established The Burkhead Legacy Society to recognize the generosity of alumni, parents and friends who have made provisions for Webb in their estate plans. The School named this Society in honor of Commander Lingurn Burkhead '21, whose bequest in 1993 of more than $1 million made a tremendous impact on the growth and success of the school.

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These gifts represent a unique commitment to the school, and can help donors make gifts that they want to make one day. These gifts benefit the school immensely; they can even help donors become confident that they have the financial resources they need for their family during their lifetimes.

The Burkhead Legacy Society recognizes all of those individuals who have confirmed their intentions to make Webb a beneficiary. The process for completing the Burkhead Legacy Society membership form is straightforward, and represents simply an estimate of a gift to be received in the future. Becoming a member allows donors to inform the school how they wish their gifts to be used. It also allows the school to appropriately recognize donors for their lasting support.

There are several ways to make planned gifts, and the following outlines some of most common ways this can be done. Most of these gifts are revocable, meaning that they do not involve the transfer of assets. Revocable gifts can be changed or even removed in the future without any additional obligation. For donors that wish to make irrevocable gifts that involve a transfer of ownership, please contact the Alumni and Development Office at the school directly. (Due to Webb's small size, irrevocable gifts are often owned and administered by third parties as opposed to the school directly.)

The descriptions below are intended to help begin a discussion, and should be used in conjunction with one's professional advisors. The Webb Alumni and Development Office is delighted to work with any advisor whom donors wish to engage in the discussion. The Alumni and Development Office strives to help create gift discussions that are meaningful, and that achieve the charitable goals of the donors.

Burkhead Legacy Society Members

Ms. Robyn Allen ’75
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Allen
Mr. James G. Anderson ’89|
Ms. Deborah Atterholt ’72
Mr. Keith J. Barton ’75
Mr. John T. Bragg, Jr.
Mr. John C. Carr ’79
Mr. Phillip G. Coop ’66
Ms. Constance E. Cox ’85
Mrs. Nancy Cox
Mr. Ed R. Davies ’49
Mrs. Dorothy Elkins
Mr. Jack Fleischner '75
Ms. Noel F. Greene ’91
Ms. Barbara A. Grobicki ’86
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Hardin, III ’79
Ms. Audrey R. Harrell ’84
Mr. Douglas B. Havron ’83
Mr. and Mrs. David Hazelwood
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Holliman
Mr. George B. Huddleston, Jr. ’76
Mr. William H. Huddleston, IV ’81
Mr. Daniel E. Jackson, Jr. ’47
Dr. William A. James, Jr. ’56
Mr. John M. Johnson ’75
Mr. Robert L. Kirkpatrick, Jr. ’51
Mr. Samuel L. Lasseter ’69
Mr. William H. Lassiter, Jr. ’56
Mr. J. Whitson Linder ’84
Mr. Thomas J. Lisenby ’47
Mr. Walter W. Manley, II ’64
Mr. John P. Matthews, IV ’78
Mr. Paul B. Maxwell ’53
Mr. Michael M. Morgan ’94
Mr. Steven J. Muhl ’65
Mr. John S. Murrey ’72
Mr. W. Preston Murrey, III ’70
Ms. Lucy Phillips
Mr. George E. Pine ’68
Mr. Michael H. Read ’77
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Sandra Sanders
Dr. C. William Schultz, III ’65
Mr. Howard Siegel '67
Mr. Wilson Sims, Jr. ’72
Mr. Wilson Sims, Sr. ’42
Mr. W. Hamilton Smythe, III ’48
Mrs. Michelle M. Sorenson ’96
Dr. Paul R. Stumb, III ’52
Mr. Bob F. Thompson ’65
Mr. Bayard H. Walters
Mr. John F. Whorley, Jr. ’79
Mr. H. Lee Woosley, III ’78
Mr. T. Allen Wright ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fleischer



Mr. Robert K. Beal, Jr. (’48) Estate
Mrs. Sam D. Bell, Jr. Estate
Mr. C. Eugene Brewster (’42) Estate
Lingurn H. Burkhead (’21) Estate
Mr. Jac Chambliss (’27) Estate
Mr. Paul C. Craft (’56) Estate
Marian J. Crawford (’22) Estate
Mr. Hugh G. Eldredge, Jr. (’48) Estate
James J. Ellis (’44) Estate
John M. Flexner (’44) Estate
Dr. T. Cole Flournoy (’63) Estate
Buford Gordon (’22) Estate
John B. Hardin (’50) Estate
Mrs. Shirley Harvey Estate
George B. Huddleston, Sr. (’50) Estate
Bernard Leslie Huffman, Jr. (’47) Estate
Sam H. Mann (’43) Estate
David J. Matton (’47) Estate
James R. Meadows, Jr. (’52) Estate
Markham L. Peacock, Jr. (’21) Estate
Mary C. Ragland Estate
Mr. J. McNeil Rogers (’27) Estate
Mr. Wayne M. Rogers (’50) Estate
W. Clint Rucker, Jr. (’50) Estate
Alden H. Smith, Sr. (’23) Estate
G. Dean Smith (’71) Estate
H. Laird Smith Estate
John W. Smythia (’73) Estate
Paul W. Trousdale (’31) Estate
L. Parks Weaks (’41) Estate
Henry J. White, Jr. (’48) Estate
Henry O. Whiteside, Sr. (’29) Estate
Mr. Burch Williams (’35) Estate
Wise Family Trust
Catherine Jacobs Wisener (’24) Estate
Mr. and Mrs. Inzer Bass Wyatt (’23) Estate

Making Provisions For Webb Through A Will

For those who would like to add Webb to their estates, one way to do this is to include language in a will that specifies an amount to be given to the school (bequest). Bequests can be an individual dollar figure, or a percentage of the total estate. It can be "outright" (given directly), or "residual" - meaning that Webb receives the gift only after certain other provisions have been handled.

Standard bequest language may be inserted into one's will as follows:

"I give to The Webb School, a not-for-profit educational institution located in Bell Buckle, TN, the sum of $XXXXX from my estate to be used for XXXX purpose."


"I give to The Webb School, a not-for-profit educational institution located in Bell Buckle, TN, XXXX % of my estate to be used for XXXX purpose."

Making Provisions For Webb Through Life Insurance, Retirement Plan Or Trust

For those who do not want to make provisions through a will, there is an option to simply name Webb as a beneficiary by filing paperwork with the custodian/provider of the life insurance, retirement plan, or trust. The beneficiary will be paid directly, so please include on the form specific information needed for Webb.

Name: The Webb School
TAX ID #: 62-0401875
Address: 319 Webb Road East, Bell Buckle, TN 37020

Should I Contact The Alumni and Development Office?

There are many ways to make planned gifts, and contacting the Alumni and Development Office is a way to begin focusing on these unique opportunities. Once a decision has been made to include Webb as a beneficiary of a planned gift, please contact the Alumni and Development Office to share your potential interest. Webb employs strict confidentiality and discretion regarding any inquiries made about planned giving.

If there is an asset you own that is not mentioned above, please also reach out to the Alumni and Development Office to see if it is one that could be included in a planned gift provision.

For more information: Matt Wilson, Director of Alumni and Development

931-389-5722 (

Completing the Burkhead Legacy Society Membership Form

The Burkhead Legacy Society Membership Form

More than 100 individuals have made provisions for Webb, and the school is very grateful for all of these that represent sincere commitments to the school. Webb acknowledges there are those who would rather not to complete the form, preferring to keep their intentions as private as possible. Webb does encourage using the membership form as a way for donors to confirm how they would like their gifts to be used.

Unrestricted: No restrictions on how it is used. A decision will be made by the school in conjunction with relevant policies enumerated by the Board of Trust, and any applicable laws.

Restricted - Student Endowment: To be used for student scholarships and to be held in the permanent endowment. Only a percentage of the endowment will be spent each year, with the goal of having the endowment in perpetuity.

Restricted - Faculty Endowment: To be used to supplement faculty compensation and to be held in the permanent endowment. Only a percentage of the endowment will be spent each year, with the goal of having the endowment in perpetuity.

Other: Donors with specific designations describe their plans in as much detail as possible.

Making a planned gift and becoming a the Burkhead Legacy Society member is truly a special gift, and one that inspires others. Thank you.


For more information about gifts to Webb, such as bequests, or if you would like more information about the Burkhead Legacy Society, please contact Matt Wilson, Director of Alumni and Development at 931-389-5722 or . All inquiries are confidential.