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As chairman of the Board of Trustees, John Sawyer couldn’t be more excited about the success of the Moving Our Tradition Forward campaign and Webb’s future.

Sawyer noted that there are at least two meaningful benefits to the recent capital campaign. “Most obviously, the funding of new facilities on campus has helped bring The Webb School up-to-date and, hopefully, inspired a renewed sense of confidence with our students. Second, the capital campaign was the first sustained giving campaign in many years for Webb. The successful completion has helped bring the Webb community together and encouraged a meaningful increase in alumni engagement.”
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Moving Our
Tradition Forward
Donor List - 2010-2016
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For more information about contributing to Webb's current school year and future success, please contact:

Matt Wilson, Director of Alumni and Development 931-389-5722

Carmen Greenberg, Director of Parent Relations and Annual Giving

Jonathon Hawkins,
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

Nichole Jordan
Director of Leadership Annual Giving