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Yuchao "Olly" Wang '09

Photo of Yuchao "Olly" Wang '09

Olly Wang was one of the first Chinese students to attend Webb. In 2009 he graduated and brought the “State Winner of Award for AP Science Scholars” flag to Webb for the first time. He completed a B.S. degree in food science and management double majors at Cornell University and graduated in 2013 as Degree Marshal and Presidential Award recipient.

After graduation, Wang returned to China to run a family-owned seafood processing business. He annually supplies around 10,000 tons (about 20 million lbs.) of seafood products to more than 20 countries all over the world, including frozen pacific cod sold in Kroger supermarkets. In 2022, he expanded his business into Southeast Asia by cooperating with a local factory in Indonesia. He is looking to double his business in the next few years.

Wang joined the Webb Alumni Board in 2018 and has been an active member throughout his three-year term, especially in Asia-related affairs.

In 2020, when COVID first hit and many Chinese students were not able to go to campus in person, Wang organized the 2020 Webb Beijing reception, where Webb Chinese families could meet. For many of them, it was the very first time they were able to meet other Webb Chinese families in person.

In 2021, he organized the 2021 Webb Shanghai parents’ reception. During the meeting, Chinese parents were able to meet with Webb faculty representatives including Head of School Ken Cheeseman online. The meeting not only helped bring Chinese parents closer to the school, but also helped answer many of the parents’ questions.

Due to COVID travel restrictions, Webb could not make its Webb China trip for two consecutive years. However, as many Webb Chinese families comment, the Beijing and Shanghai receptions worked perfectly as a continuation of the good tradition, which brings Webb closer to Chinese families.

Besides the receptions, Wang has been actively involved in many other Asian-related affairs as well. For example, he helped an anxious Chinese parent at 3 a.m. local time to finally get in touch with his daughter at Webb, who just got COVID and was unable to take phone calls. He also helped set up and facilitated in several zoom meetings between Webb families and faculty members to solve some complicated issues.

In 2022, Wang became a new member of the board of trustees, and will continue his journey to contribute in keeping Webb closely connected to the other side of the globe!