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Brian Wofford

Brian Wofford - John B. Hardin Service Award 2021

Wofford estimates that as Outdoor Program director he led or directed nearly 650 outdoor trips in his 32-year tenure (1985-2017) at Webb and assisted with another 40 since his retirement. He created the Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Development (WILD) program with the help of Bill Rice, Michael Morgan ‘?? And Albert Cauz and was the WILD teacher until his retirement. He continued part-time at Webb until 2020 and has been a volunteer since that time. While at Webb, he also was a seventh-grade science teacher for 30 years, taught English as a Second Language Science and was a forestry teacher. He participated in 10 summer schools, lived on campus for two years and worked in the dorms. Rounding out his service to Webb, he helped chaperone and/or drive the bus for his many non-outdoor program, off-campus trips, including a few to Washington, D.C.

Wofford who graduated from the University of Tennessee and Southern Adventist University, began his career with the Tennessee Department of Conservation in 1978, then worked at the Chattanooga Nature Center until 1985.

He and his wife Ruth have two daughters, Amanda Wofford ’09 and Brianna Wofford Taylor ’11.