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New Mississippi author releases coast-based thriller
Rita Mitchell

Dogwood Press, a small but traditional publishing house headquartered in central Mississippi, is proud to announce the release in August 2024 of The Amendment, the debut novel from Gautier, Mississippi, author Scott Lenoir.

Originally from McComb, Lenoir, a retired Episcopal priest, was the editor of The Mississippi Episcopalian for 12 years and has written creatively since his retirement, taking part in Coast-area writing workshops, including one presented each year by fellow Dogwood Press author Valerie Winn.

“Mississippi is fertile ground for some of the best fiction writers in the country, and the Gulf Coast, in particular, is proving to have quite a few of them,” said Joe Lee, Dogwood Press editor-in-chief. “Scott is the second author from Valerie’s workshop that I’ve brought onto the team, Candace Cox Wheeler of Biloxi being the first in 2021.”

“What drew me to The Amendment, in addition to the nonstop suspense, is a multi-layered protagonist Blake Weaver. He’s a complicated man, and he has a big heart as well as a fervent desire to protect the people he cares about. And when there’s a score to settle, he’ll tap right into his law enforcement background to take care of business.”

Lenoir had a series in mind from the first keystroke of The Amendment and has a second volume already in Lee’s hands. Blake Weaver and several cast members return for the sequel as well as a third installment.

“Hope is a word of little meaning for those who suffer from depressive disorder like Blake Weaver,” Lenoir said of his main character. “His life was destroyed through self-sabotage and an inability to overcome grief . . . until an unexpected event in his life allows the beginning of a new chapter. That beginning takes place on page one.

The Amendment is a rollercoaster ride allowing Blake to get a grip on his life while simultaneously losing himself in a dangerous confrontation. A little help from new friends and a lost love make all the difference.”

The Amendment will be released in hardback for $24.95 and be available for download through Amazon Kindle.

 “We expect an excellent response to Scott’s book all over Mississippi and beyond,” Lee said. “He’s ready to hit the ground running, and readers will thoroughly enjoy meeting him. He’s warm, friendly, and, like most Mississippians, never met a stranger.”

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More about The Amendment:

When south Mississippi banker and former sheriff’s deputy Blake Weaver learns of the arrest of Philip Mason, superior and abbot of the Christian Center for Peace and Life, he’s elated, sickened, and infuriated all at once. Mason, charged with tax evasion, money laundering, and fraud, loudly proclaims his innocence for the TV cameras. But Blake knows better.

One of Mason’s victims was the late Sandra Weaver, Blake’s beloved wife. Sweet-talked and conned by Mason, Sandra turned against Blake (who was in the throes of a nasty battle with alcohol at the time) and was bilked out of thousands of dollars before taking her life. 

Now sober, Blake doesn’t believe for an instant that Mason will spend a day in prison, much less take the straight and narrow, and his suspicions are confirmed when he recognizes the conman in disguise in his bank shortly after his release on bail. More than willing to take justice into his own hands, Blake crafts a complex plan to finish Mason for good.

An electrifying tale of revenge, redemption, and a good man trying to right a series of wrongs, The Amendment introduces a memorable supporting cast that includes Blake’s quirky love interest at the bank, a youthful Episcopal priest put into an almost impossible position, and a colorful crime family that’s eager to provide a little muscle. But can they stop a determined criminal whose hatred of Blake Weaver knows no bounds?