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The Alumni Association Board is a volunteer advisory board consisting of alumni who support the school in numerous ways and represent the voices of alumni to the Webb Community. Alumni Board members help coordinate ongoing alumni programs. They attend three board meetings a year, coordinate and participate in various local gatherings of alumni and friends, assist in planning alumni events such as Reunion, and also participate in student events on campus such as Senior Blazer Day, Senior Luncheon and alumni speakers.

Alumni Board membership is open to volunteers from every generation and from all over the world and changes each year as members' 3-year terms end. It is always a versatile group, one that works hard to help the school achieve its programmatic and fund-raising goals while maintaining Webb's ties to our collective past.

Webb Follin '73
Nashville, TN


Hudson Byrd '05
Vice President

Charleston, MO

Sarah DeLisle '05
Nashville, TN

Moe Hill '75
Nashville, TN

Deb Roberts Horst '75
Nashville, TN

Bob Davies '76
Nashville, TN

Charlie Palmer '77

Atlanta, GA

Morris Flexner - Alumni Board Member

Morris Flexner '79 
Athens, GA

Davis Turner '79
Nashville, TN

Melora Turner '80
Nashville, TN

Libby Willis '80
Murfreesboro, TN

EnaShea Kohler '88
Nashville, TN

Curtis Jenkins '92
Antioch, TN

Jennifer Rupley Smith '93
Franklin, TN

Ted Goodman '02
Murfreesboro, TN

Caitlin Roberts '03
Manchester, TN

Katherine Layman '03
Murfreesboro, TN

Olly Wang '09
Dalian, China

Caroline Smith Pryor '11
Memphis, TN

Kaleb Tilton '12
Chattanooga, TN

Contact: For more information about the Alumni Board, please contact Jonathon Hawkins at Email