The program is constituted to enhance the development of moral values, responsibility, and self-discipline. It is designed to give students a foundation for college-level studies and to help them identify and explore their own strengths and interests. Required courses assure a well-rounded education by introducing students to the basic knowledge and techniques of diverse fields and by making sure that physical activity and practical skills are not neglected.

Honors and Advanced Placement courses challenge capable students to work up to their full abilities and to proceed to college-level work. As students plan their courses of study, faculty advisors help them take full advantage Webb’s many opportunities.

AP Courses

Academics at Webb are challenging and engaging. We strive for our students to be inspired by their passions and motivated to be the best that they can be. There are AP and honors courses, as well as unique electives offered within each discipline. We know that our graduates are true global citizens who are not only prepared for college, but also eager to make a difference in the world.

Our 21 AP courses fall within the following areas:

World Languages
Fine Arts
Social Sciences

McDonnell-Follin Scholars Program

The McDonnell-Follin Scholars Program supports the in-depth study of an academic area by a student in the junior class for one semester while being supported by a member of the faculty or administration. It is a student-driven program wherein the student will create the course of study in consultation with the proposed mentor. The mentor and student will meet one or two times per week to check on the progress and development of new ideas. At the end of the semester the student will present his/her work to a faculty committee who will then ask questions of the student about his/her research.