Students gain skills needed to take trips into the wilderness and build confidence to lead others on adventures as part of Webb's unique Outdoor Program. Classroom instruction and outdoor trips combine to provide students hands-on experience. Many students develop a love of nature and the outdoors at Webb and make it a lifelong passion.

Along with weekend group trips throughout the year, Winter Freeze and Spring Break adventures test students’ skills. Senior Survival, a weeklong backpacking trip ending the day before graduation, is the final bonding experience for each class that makes lasting memories.

Winter Break 4-day Backpacking
Barrier Island off Georgia Coast
Winter Freeze Trip
December 2019
Thanksgiving Break 2019
Appalachian Trail Trip
Savage Gulf Fall Break
4- Day Backpacking Trip
Oct. 5-8, 2019
Duck River Day Trip
Aug. 31, 2019
8.6 miles
Ninth Grade Trip to Ocoee- August 2019
Fiery Grizzard
Overnight Trip