Middle School Program

Personalized Academics

Webb is a supportive community where students are challenged to succeed. Regardless of their daily schedule, faculty members have a special bond with the students in their dorm. The middle school curriculum at Webb is distinguished by personalized education, with a 7:1 student to teacher ratio. Small class sizes allow teachers to meet each student’s academic needs and offer support to foster success.

Middle School Program

The Middle School offers a rigorous academic program that prepares your child for upper school success. Students complete required courses in English and humanities, mathematics, history and world geography, science, world languages, art and music. The WILD (wilderness instruction and leadership development) course teaches outdoor skills. The after lunch enrichment program gives students the opportunity to enroll in a variety of courses that allow them to pursue special interests and develop their talents. At Webb, we believe that each person has unique gifts and capacities and a responsibility to develop them.

New 7th and 8th grade students are taught study skills during the first quarter. Classes meet one period each week and are taught by the Director of the Study Center. This allows for these students to gain the same skills that are taught during the first quarter of the 6th grade Focus class. In this way, the new middle school students in 7th and 8th grade will be on the same level playing field as the 6th graders by the time they enroll in the upper school at Webb.

Middle School D.C. Trip - April 2019

“Grit. Perseverance. Integrity. These are key principles that are instilled in our middle school students, and they will stay with them for the rest of their lives.”

Tabetha Newport Sullens '94, Ed. S
Middle School Head