With both an international and national reputation, The Webb School's Fine Arts program is admired for the breadth of its course offerings and the outstanding quality of the school's faculty. Upper level students at Webb (grades 9-12) are required to take one class in the Fine Arts each year, three of which must be in a different area of the Fine Arts. The faculty members, who have degrees from some of America's finest conservatories and universities, give their students both outstanding instruction (in private lessons and classes) and insiders' views of the fine arts as working professionals.

Webb's creativity takes place amid the 11,000 square feet of halls and classroom that comprise the Lundin Fine Arts Center. This facility features a choir room, piano lab with 12 pianos, string ensemble room, recording studio, theatre room for drama classes and rehearsals, individual practice rooms, an art gallery and a 4,000 square-foot room that houses two and three dimensional art classrooms.


Orchestra Virtual Orchestra Project
Fall 2020

Intermediate Strings Mini-Concert
Selections from Inverno--Vivaldi/Parrish

Honor Orchestra's Mini-Concert
performance of Andante Festivo,
by Jean Sibelius, 9-9-20