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Our College Counseling Program

With over 30 years of combined experience in college and secondary schools, Mr. Bridwell and Mrs. Bird will begin in 8th Grade and prepare families for the excitement of the college discernment process while keeping student fit and expectations as the focal point.


And while many Webb graduates attend super-selective colleges across the country each year, College Counseling is also prepared to assist with admission to regional universities with outstanding academics that offer greater financial support.


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If you need more information on what The Webb School has to offer, please do not hesitate to ask us.



The Webb School class of 2023-2024 School profile.



Webb School offers online elective courses for credit through Lipscomb University Online.


Find out which schools our recent graduates are attending:

University of Alabama
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University of Southern California Logo
Univeresity of Chicago
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NYU Logo
Rhodes University Logo
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Focus on Colleges

Advanced Placement


Our 18 AP courses include Science, Math, History, World Languages, English, Fine Arts and Social Sciences.

Dual Enrollment Courses


In partnership with Lipscomb University, nine dual enrollment courses are offered with concentrations available in business, communications, and psychology.

College Acceptance Rate


Our College Counseling program will guide students through the college search, application, and decision processes.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio


At Webb, we keep our classes small with highly dedicated teachers.

Varsity Sports Offered


With 13 dedicated coaches and 20 varsity sports offered, including football, soccer, baseball, cheerleading, golf, and many more, we have something for everyone at Webb.

Students of Color


The diversity of students at Webb promotes increased awareness and understanding of how we are all connected and the challenges we face across regions and nationalities.

Countries Represented


With more than 75 students from Antigua & Barbuda, all the way to Vietnam, our growing international community has 23 countries represented and more on the way.

Digital PSAT and SAT Update

The Testing Coordinator and College Counseling look forward to guiding you through the transition to a digital testing experience.  The benefits of digital testing include a more secure testing environment, shorter testing times, flagging questions in order to return to them later, a countdown clock, a built-in graphing calculator, and a reference sheet for each math question consisting of common formulas.  Results of the exams will be returned in days, not weeks, after the exam(s).

Tests and Testing Dates

SAT - Fall 2023, traditional paper/pencil
SAT - Spring 2024, digital version
PSAT 10/11 and PSAT 8/9  - Fall/Spring, digital versions only
AP - Spring 2024, digital version only

Device Requirements

Before taking the digital exam(s), you’ll need to know what device you’ll be using for testing and ensure this device meets the technical specifications before downloading the Bluebook testing application.

The Bluebook app can run on a Windows laptop or tablet, a Mac laptop, an iPad, or a school-managed Chromebook.  You’ll download the Bluebook app before the test, then you’ll complete a quick exam set-up the week before the exam.  This setup will ensure your device meets requirements, and the application will generate your admission ticket and test.  Things to consider: 

  • Must be able to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Will need to be fully charged, and we suggest bringing your power cords
  • For AP exams from an iPad, you will need an external keyboard
  • See detailed device requirements here

How to Download Bluebook

Click here to download the Bluebook application and start practicing. 

Digital Exam Preparation

You can practice for the digital SAT using Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy and receive free practice—anytime, anywhere. These full-length practice tests will be adaptive to get the whole digital SAT experience while practicing. College Counseling also offers practice tests in Bond Library throughout the academic year. Check Scoir for details

College Counseling Curriculum

The Webb School's

2023-2024 Advisory Board

College Counseling is honored to have several educational partners to ensure Webb School stays abreast of changes in college counseling, financial aid, and admission trends.

College Counseling Video Series

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College Counseling Contacts

Kristen Bird

Kristen Bird

Titles: Assistant Director of College Counseling
Departments: College Counseling
Chadd Bridwell

Chadd Bridwell

Titles: Director of College Counseling
Departments: College Counseling