College Counseling

The primary role of the Office of College Counseling is guiding our students toward a college that is a good fit for them and that will prepare them for life beyond the post-secondary world. The College Counseling staff strives to maintain an atmosphere free from prejudice, favoritism, or predisposition toward or against one college or set of colleges during the advising process.

While the counselors will offer insights, suggestions, and perhaps some personal opinions gleaned from their experience as college students, our main goal is to help students find a place where they will find both “success” and “happiness”, bearing in mind that those words will mean very different things for each individual student.


The Office of College Counseling at Webb believes that the fundamental responsibility of choosing a college should fall to the students themselves. For that reason, it will be the students (not parents, independent college counselors, or anyone else) who must write the essays, sit for the standardized examinations, ask for teacher and counselor recommendations, fill out the application materials, and, ultimately, attend college. The college counselors do, however, pledge to support our students in whatever way necessary in order to ensure the most thorough preparation for and comfort with the college selection process. With this in mind, the College Counseling office offers a place for students to browse their Naviance accounts, look over college materials, discuss pertinent issues (be they academic or personal in nature), or simply relax in a supportive environment.

The most consistently helpful tool for students, parents, and college counselors in preparing for college is accurate, well-organized information. To that end, we would strongly encourage to you explore the website links provided on the Resources tab above, each of which has been vetted as a source of beneficial information for our Webb families.

Thank you for your support of our office, and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can ever be of service to you.



Request at transcript

The Webb School is happy to provide transcripts for alumni. To request a transcript, please contact Webb's registrar, Micky Donovan, by any of the following methods:

Phone: 931-389-5712

Transcript requests are typically completed on the day of the request unless the school is on holiday or the registrar is on vacation.


Standardized Testing Overview

While student academic records from high school years have always been (and likely always will be) the most heavily-weighted factor in college admissions decisions, the results of standardized test scores also play a significant role for many institutions.

The vast majority of colleges require that a student submit either SAT or ACT scores, and almost all schools do not have a preference between the two exams. The Office of College Counseling generally advises students to take both exams at least once to see which they find easier, then to follow up with successive sittings for their preferred exam.

The SAT II/Subject Tests are only required as part of an application by a handful of selective institutions. During a sitting, a student can take up to three different Subject Tests, and cannot take these tests on the same day as the SAT I. The Office of College Counseling recommends that students needing Subject Tests for applications take these exams at the end of their junior year, as the information necessary for the tests will likely be freshest in their minds at this point.

Score Reporting

Please note that The Webb School DOES NOT send official test scores to colleges for students. This is the student’s responsibility. To order score reports for the SAT/SAT II and the ACT, please visit the following sites:



Suggested Timeline

The Webb School’s suggested timeline for taking standardized tests is as follows:

-PSAT: October of 10th and 11th grade years (required)

-SAT and/or ACT: Twice during 11th grade, then again in the fall of 12th grade (if advised by college counselors)

-SAT II: June of 11th grade year and/or fall of 12th grade (if advised by college counselors)

Test Registration

To see available test dates and register for the SAT/SAT II or the ACT, please visit the following sites:




For College Representatives

The Office of College Counseling believes that time with college admissions representatives represents one of the best opportunities our students have to learn about their various post-secondary options. We welcome all representatives who would like to visit with our students, and because we know firsthand how crazy the travel season can be, are completely flexible about the types and times of visits that we offer.

Visits are held in the Bond Library (also the location of the Office of College Counseling), and can be scheduled between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. If your schedule does not allow you to travel to Webb during those hours or days, please contact the Director of College Counseling to inquire about scheduling a visit after school or during the weekend; given that Webb has a much greater number of day students than boarders, we generally advise reps to visit during school hours in order to maximize their time here.

To schedule a visit to The Webb School, please visit the following site and select a date and time. If you would like to schedule a visit not listed on the available dates/times, please email Ann Chandler at
Click to select a date and time.

Driving directions to the Office of College Counseling
Driving from 24-W, you will take exit 97, then a left off the ramp onto TN-64 (if driving from 24-E, it will be a right off the ramp on exit 97). Drive for about a mile and a half, then turn right onto TN-82. Our campus is about 5+ miles after that turn. Parking is really easy and completely open, so our recommendation would be that when you arrive at campus (just look for the 15 MPH school zone), take the first left onto Turtle Circle, then follow the road as it winds toward a brick building on your right. That building is the Bond Library, and is where our office is located. Please park in any available space and walk right in, and someone will be at the front desk to greet you. If you get lost, please call either Ann Chandler at 931-389-5760, Bruce Hunter at 931-389-5716, or Jamie Newberg at 931-389-5714.

Bruce Hunter
Director of College Counseling

Jamie Newberg
Asst. Director of College Counseling

Ann Chandler
Administrative Assistant