The private boarding/day school education at Webb focuses on the whole student. Our rigorous college preparatory programs offer the opportunities and support that ready students for a successful college career. Webb students become accountable to themselves for their performance inside and out of the classroom. In our small boarding school environment students learn the pride of hard work and the patience necessary to accomplish tasks. They gain the confidence to express themselves through writing and public speaking. Ultimately, Webb students become accountable to themselves for their successes in and out of the classroom.

Faculty members as lifelong learners

Webb faculty members not only value the lessons that they are teaching and are learned by their students, they also value what they learn as part of professional development. And, while the teachers hone their knowledge and practices throughout the school year, much of the professional development occurs during the summer months. 
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2019-2020 Curriculum Guide

Quick Facts

  • 13 Average class size
  • 7.1 Student-Faculty ratio
  • 12 States represented in the student body
  • 18 Countries represented in the student body
  • 19 AP courses offered

Academic Support

  • Advisor System - Each Webb student has a faculty advisor who serves as the student’s personal advocate and counselor, as well as the liaison between the student, parents, and administration. Students meet with their advisors during Chapel and Seminar, and students are encouraged to seek help or counsel at any time. Students have the same advisor throughout middle school. Each upper school student chooses his/her advisor who remains with them throughout the upper school years.
  • Progress Reports - In addition to quarterly report cards, parent can monitor their child’s academic progress through RenWeb, the online grading system used by Webb. A student’s strengths and weaknesses are identified early, and they are communicated not only to parents but also to the student’s advisor and to the Director of Academic Affairs
  • Daily Extra Help period: Every single day, from 3:05-3:50 pm, faculty members are available in their classrooms to meet with students for extra help. This time is built into our students' schedules, and they quickly learn to take advantage of it. Whether they use the time to reinforce a lesson that was taught earlier in the day, or simply use this time to do homework with the teacher nearby in case there are questions, the daily extra help period is an important part of our students' success.

Test Prep/Study Center

  • Test Prep and Study Center provides all ninth graders and new upper school students with study skills instruction, as well as a closely monitored study space during the school day to complete homework. The Study Center also monitors standardized test preparation for sophomores, juniors, and seniors as they prepare to take the PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT through the use of the Method Test Prep online software and Khan Academy. The goals of the Study Center are to support the learning and educational development of every Webb student through collaborative effort and research-based teaching and learning, and to help all students acquire strong learning and advocacy skills for college and beyond.
  • Method Test Prep is an online suite of SAT and ACT preparation materials that provide 25 hours of self-paced instruction in each test. The Test Prep and Study Center works with all sophomores and juniors to create appropriate schedules for test preparation based on their upcoming testing dates.

Support for Learning Differences

Support for Learning Differences

LIFT (Learn, Inspire, Focus and Teach) is a program for students with diagnosed learning differences such as ADHD or dyslexia. Students may have a dedicated class in their weekly schedule with a trained faculty member who will provide direct instruction in executive functioning skills, organization and time management, and developing learning independence and will work with the students’ teachers to create appropriate accommodations. The LIFT department manages LIFT students' accommodations, making sure they receive the structure necessary to be academically successful.

Emerging Voices Program

Throughout its history, The Webb School has placed great importance on teaching students to speak confidently before a large audience. While this requirement has taken many forms over the years, the most traditional assignment is the declamation, a memorized piece of literature with an original introduction written by the performer. Each 9th grade student presents a declamation to the student body during chapel. In their subsequent years of high school, students build on the foundation of their declamation performance with an oration in 10th grade, a creative public performance in 11th grade, and finally the presentation of their own original research in their senior year. This process enables students to leave the Webb School ready to share their ideas and findings with the world with poise and conviction.

AP Courses

Academics at Webb are challenging and engaging. We strive for our students to be inspired by their passions and motivated to be the best that they can be. There are AP and honors courses, as well as unique electives offered within each discipline. We know that our graduates are true global citizens who are not only prepared for college, but also eager to make a difference in the world.

Our 21 AP courses fall within the following areas:

World Languages
Fine Arts
Social Sciences

Faculty/Staff Blog

Our teachers have a profound impact on our students and therefore our school culture, the greater community-and ultimately the nation. We depend on their expertise in choosing curriculum and leading our students towards success. What inspires them? Find out in our blog! Each week they share fantastic TED talks, books, interviews, and articles of interest to serve as a resource for parents, while demonstrating the philosophies and priorities of The Webb School.