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York presents senior project to MTSU graduate class
Rita Mitchell

Hearing about Peja York's Senior Symposium research project on missing indigenous women for Kevin Finn's Webb senior English class, Middle Tennessee State University English professor, and Finn's partner, Dr. Laura White reached out to York to see if she would be willing to present her findings to a graduate class at the university. York eagerly agreed.

"The course Peja visited is an English graduate seminar titled Special Topics in Literature and Language, and the special topic we were studying was global forms of feminism,” said White. “We explored the experiences of women in different cultural contexts and researching different forms that women's activism takes. We studied ways that indigenous women in the U.S. and Canada have been impacted by violence as well as ways that they struggle to have their voices heard when they try to call attention to issues impacting their well-being.

Photo of Peja York ’22 and Dr. Laura White

Peja York ’22 and Dr. Laura White

"It was incredibly meaningful for these students to hear about Peja's research and experiences. She delivered a powerful presentation about missing and murdered Indigenous women, providing statistics and examples about the broad scope of the problem as well as an in-depth look at how the issue impacts her own community,” White added. “The graduate students were impressed by the quality of Peja's presentation and her passion about the topic; they complimented her well-designed slides and appreciated the chance to talk with her -- in fact, they continued to talk about questions of justice that the presentation raised for them."

Photo of Peja York ’22 Presenting at MTSU

York noted that presenting her project to the graduate class during the spring semester helped her refine her remarks and also prepare for future presentations. 

“Presenting provided me with more confidence,” she said.

Peja York ’22 of The Webb School Presenting at MTSU