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Webb hosts grandparents for annual special day
Rita Mitchell


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More than 175 grandparents of Webb students were guests on campus March 22 for the annual Grandparents’ Day event that preceded spring break. The event began with a gathering in the Bond Library as guests registered and enjoyed refreshments. Individual photos were taken of the guests and their grandchildren.

Grandparents attended two classes with their students and a special program in Follin Chapel that included a video and selections from “Little Shop of Horrors” to be performed by the Webb Company Players in April.

Head of School Ken Cheeseman welcomed grandparents during the program and noted the upcoming birth of his and wife Cathy’s first grandchild. “So, next year, I will be one of you for the first time in my life.  I’m so excited!”

He opened recognizing grandparents who traveled the farthest, have celebrated the most birthdays, have the most grandchildren and great-grandchildren and those who are grandparents of alumni.

“This is such a special day for all of us because of you. You are so special in the lives of our students, your grandchildren. Talking to several of you during the last few weeks and watching your entire countenance change as you spoke about your grandchildren, makes it so clear to me how much joy they bring you and how proud you are of them.

“Your grandchildren can find solid ground, moorings, and strength in you. You are the guardians of traditions, the bearers of family legacies, and the embodiment of enduring love and wisdom.” Cheeseman cited Webb’s mission, “to turn out young people who are tireless workers and know how to work effectively; who are accurate scholars; who know the finer points of morals and practice them in their daily living; who are always courteous.”  He added, “If you have not thought about that in a while, I remind you of the critically important role you play. We appreciate how you support us in helping your grandchildren live out these important words and concepts.” He closed saying, “I hope you have enjoyed your time with your grandchildren today, and you were encouraged and perhaps inspired as you visited classes and met their extraordinary teachers. I am exceedingly grateful to this faculty and particularly those faculty who teach, mold, and inspire my own daughter, Abby Faith. Her life has been forever changed because she has been known, loved, taught, mentored, and coached here at The Webb School in this mission, with this faculty.”

Director of Development Leigh Adams joined Cheeseman on the program and noted that Grandparents’ Day is a treasured tradition at Webb and is the perfect way to usher in spring break. Adams also spoke of another tradition at Webb -- the tradition of philanthropy and giving back. 

“We know that you take pride in your grandchild’s education, and that is why it is so important that we do whatever we can to ensure they have the best possible experience at Webb.  But we need help to do that.

“The Webb Fund is our annual giving campaign which supports everything that makes Webb special and excellent – from student extracurriculars, faculty enrichment opportunities, to all that goes into enhancing the curriculum, putting on a school play or competing in athletic events. The Webb Fund is the lifeblood of the school.  Most importantly, the Webb Fund provides a tuition subsidy to cover the gap between the cost of tuition and what it actually costs to provide a Webb education.”

Adams recounted a recent conversation with a grandparent, who is also a 1961 Webb graduate and longtime school trustee, about why he chooses to give to the Webb Fund each year. “He shared, ‘One doesn’t have to be a Warren Buffet to create a lasting and meaningful legacy.  Your gift, combined with many others, does make a lasting difference.  But why Webb?  It is not so much the education, yet while important, it is the culture and values that Webb stresses in its motto and everyday life that instills in young people values and qualities that carry them for a lifetime and help them become future leaders.  Nothing is more important than investing in our young people.  The commitment of ‘giving ‘til it feels good’ has made a real difference in my life. I encourage everyone to consider a legacy through giving to Webb.'"

She added, “It is my hope that seeing your grandchildren thrive here will inspire you to contribute. Your support makes a positive difference in their lives – something at which grandparents are already experts. It is a privilege to have you as a part of the Webb family, and I look forward to celebrating your grandchildren over the years.”