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Walton, Northcutt, Cheeseman receive monthly academic, arts and athletics awards
Rita Mitchell

Mili Walton - Scholar of Month; Aspen Northcutt - Artist of Month; and Abby Faith Cheeseman - Student-Athlete of the Month were recently selected and honored in chapel with monthly awards for their work in academics, arts and athletics.

The academic and artist awards’ purpose is to celebrate those outstanding scholars who embody academic excellence and live the values of the six Enduring Understandings. Selection is made based on the following attributes: hard working, intellectually curious, best effort on all assignments, service to the community, enthusiasm about learning gains, self-agency, integrity in all actions and also participation in extracurricular activities. 

The student-athlete award celebrates those students who maintain an academic standard of 3.0 GPA or above; show respect for coaches, teammates, officials, teachers, other students and family; show enthusiasm and a positive attitude; display altruism and help teammates improve; display commitment to practice, games, and personal skill development; maintain honesty and play by the rules; and have high moral character.

Mili Walton

Kevin Finn, English Teacher:

“In Mili’s college essay, she spoke of her love of telling stories and closed by saying, “It doesn’t matter what path my life takes me down, I’ll be rattling off stories as I go.”  During the fall semester, she worked on that college essay, and the senior research paper – in addition to masterfully completing the actual coursework of the AP Literature class – applied to colleges and spent countless hours in the theater preparing for Harvey. I’m sure, she rattled off a few stories, and she also devoted herself to refining her craft in perhaps the most critical of ways:  reading.  One of the most prolific and successful writers of our time, Stephen King, offered the following advice to aspiring writers:  “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.  Simple as that.”  Mili somehow made the time, plowing through, on her own, a handful of notoriously difficult and critically acclaimed novels, all the while gleefully updating me on her progress before and after class, emailing with observations and reactions and questions – and then asking me for a list of must-read short stories and poems as well.  As a student, Mili embodies Webb’s enduring understandings, finding joy – and bringing it – to the work she pursues without prompting.” 

Photo of Mili Walton, Webb student

Kevin Finn, Mili Walton

Christy Sutton, Advisor:

“Mili is the true definition of a Webb scholar. She is dedicated to her studies, and never loses sight of what is important. She is kind and generous to her classmates. She creates an environment in which others feel accepted and seen. Mili's curiosity and creativity guide her to find success in every class and environment she is part of. I feel incredibly fortunate that others, including myself, have her example and leadership at Webb. Ringling College is equally lucky to get to welcome her next year. She is truly deserving of being the English Department's Student of the Month.” 

Aspen Northcutt

Ruth Cordell, Theatre Teacher and Director:

“As stage manager, Aspen has to know every working part, every actor, every costume and prop piece, every technician, every schedule and is consistently and constantly keeping track of and relaying information of our stage production. She was even called upon to fill a role on closing night of HARVEY and did a beautiful job. What a well-rounded and deserving supporter of our Webb mission.”

Photo of Aspen Northcutt, Webb Student

Aspen Northcutt, Ruth Cordell

Ruth Cordell, Advisor:

As Aspen's advisor, I could not ask for a more diligent student. She has been invaluable help in organizing many and various things for our advisory. She is my "go to".

Abby Faith Cheeseman

Cathy Cheeseman, Cross Country Coach:

“I often share with my athletes the phrase, “opportunity begets opportunity. A great regional performance punches one’s ticket to the state competition. Furthermore, if one takes care of all the little things in the pre-season and during the competitive season, it gives the athlete the best chance to compete into December, when the national cross country meets are contested. Abby Faith did just that. She stayed purposeful, hopeful, prayerful and committed throughout the summer and fall. She stayed faithful in the difficult times and in times of doubt. It was exciting to watch her seize the opportunity to compete and race well with the best in the country at Champs Sports Nationals in December. 

Photo of Abby Faith Cheeseman, Webb Student

Abby Faith Cheeseman, Scott Dorsett

Pamela Seals, Advisor:

“Abby Faith is truly the epitome of the student athlete. She works so hard to be excellent in all she does. She knows that both sides of her life at school, athletic and academic, require hard work and time management. She is truly the most organized student I have ever worked with. She plans ahead, focuses fully and works to the best of her ability. I love watching the joy in her eyes when she learns and as she interacts with others around her. I am truly blessed to be able to work with her as her advisor and look forward to watching as she continues to shine.