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Swanson selected for Youth Leadership Bedford
Rita Mitchell

Autumn Swanson, a senior at The Webb School, recently was selected to participate in Youth Leadership Bedford, a non-profit program that supports the development of current and future leaders in the county.

Participants will begin with an all-day retreat on Sept. 10 visiting the Shelbyville Municipal Airport and The Webb School campus. They will meet monthly through April with the program graduation on April 25.

Students in the program will visit various locations for the following sessions: Medical/Social Services Day, Local Government/Tourism/History Day, Entrepreneurial/Industry Day, Public Safety/Military Day, Financial/Real Estate Day, Education Day, State Government Day, and Agriculture Day.

“I was blessed to be accepted into the Youth Leadership Bedford program this year,” said Swanson. “We will visit many entities and learn how each one plays a part in the county. I am especially excited to interact with leaders in the region and learn how to become one.”