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King, Botea, Ramsey receive January MS Citizenship Awards
Rita Mitchell

Three middle school students, Kaleb King, Maruca Botea, and Zakkary Ramsey were recently recognized in chapel as January Citizenship Award recipients. The following comments were included in their nominations.

“Kaleb King has served on the Student Council for the past two years. He applies his best effort on everything he undertakes. Kaleb is a remarkable student who embodies the perfect combination of studiousness, tenacity, and a positive attitude in the classroom. In addition, he can often be found immersed in his textbooks, diligently taking notes, and seeking to understand the intricacies of the subjects at hand. Kaleb wrote perhaps the most heartfelt note I received on a Christmas card, last month. He is always interested in doing the right thing.”

“Maruca Botea is one of the sweetest students; she is very focused and so friendly and kind to everyone she meets. I am so proud of how well she is doing and all the friends she is making. Maruca has been nothing but hardworking and kind since she has moved to Webb. She works well with her classmates and is a joy to work with. Maruca has touched the hearts of her classmates by her kindness and her gentle demeanor. She is always smiling and a delight to teach!”

“Zakkary Ramsey has an inquisitive young mind. If I were tabulating the academically minded questions asked in classes throughout the year, he would be in the running for most. Zakkary Ramsey is exceedingly curious about many things. He asks great "what if" questions in class and is wonderful at encouraging others to do the same. Zakkary is always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it's a teacher needing some help or another student needing help with classwork or carrying books and materials. Zakkary is kind to everyone and sees the best in others. Zakkary is always looking for ways to make the community around him better.  He enthusiastically embraces all that makes Webb a special place, and our experiences are all enhanced by his presence.”