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Ellis completes community service as Rutherford County Sheriff's Department cadet
Rita Mitchell

Aiden Ellis, a 10th grader at Webb, is preparing for future education and a career in crime scene/forensic science. As part of his current study, he is participating in the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office Public Safety Cadet Program.

He attends classes each week to continue to understand the functions and responsibilities of law enforcement. They are receiving instruction about topics such as traffic stops, drug education, defense, how to spot gang affiliations and more. He started this program at the beginning of the school year and will continue until he graduates from Webb.

Not only does this program allow him to prepare for a future in Crime Scene/Forensic Sciences, but it also provides him with numerous community opportunities. The cadets assist the officers with fundraisers, parades, track or treats, retirement home visits, shopping for food, as well as participating in the recent Shop with the Sheriff project. The money was raised one evening at Toot's in Murfreesboro and the cadets met with School Resource Officers and helped children select Christmas presents. 

For the last four years, Aiden has assisted the National Narcotic Dog Detection Agency during the mantrailing training events. He places tracks, hides as a missing child for the dogs to find, helps officers with anything they need.

“I enjoy being involved with my community. It gives me a strong sense of pride being able to help where I am needed and give back to those who need it most,” Ellis said. “All the while, I’m learning and growing more in the field I have chosen for a career.