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Cheeseman, Hawkins, Goodloe meet with alumni, parents of alumni, current and prospective parents
Rita Mitchell

The Webb School recently had a three-person team visiting throughout the Caribbean on behalf of the Offices of Alumni and Development and Admissions. Head of School Ken Cheeseman, Interim Director of Alumni and Development Jonathon Hawkins, and Assistant Director of Admissions Tommie Goodloe met with alumni, parents of alumni, current parents, and prospective parents in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and Jamaica.

Manu Mansharamani, Carrie Moe, Fredrik Moe, Ken Cheeseman, Roseanne Moe and daughters, Damian Moe

Kareena Relwani, Sunil Relwani, Miranda Sampson, Lori Ralston, Ken Cheeseman

While traveling, Cheeseman met with Webb alumnus and current parent Justin Gape '95 (father of Zion '23) in the Bahamas, and Christopher and Neadene Tufton (parents of Adam '24) and Sunil and Kareena Relwani (parents of Harshi '25) in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Catherine Alexander, Tracy Gibson

Miranda Samspon, Anthony Cuthbert, Tanya Cuthbert

In addition, he and Hawkins hosted two events in Jamaica. The first event was held at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica, with guests including Miranda Sampson (mother of Mia '21), Neadene Tufton (mother of Adam '24), Sunil and Kareena Relwani (parents of Harshi '25), Lisa Chin (mother of Madison '23), Lori Ralston (mother of JJ '23), Tracy Gibson (mother of Alexander '23), Anthony and Tanya Cuthbert (parents of Catherine '23), Michelle Marzouca (mother of Alexander Clarke '26), Catherine Alexander (mother of Josh McDaniel '23), and Carolyn DaCosta (aunt of Amir '23).

Michele Marzouca, Lisa Chin

Lori Ralston, Michele Marzouca, Anthony Cuthbert, Neadene Tufton

The second event was held at the Hotel Grand A View in Montego Bay, Jamaica, with guests including Manu Mansharamani (father of Yash '17 and Krish '22), Fredrik and Carrie Moe (parents of Ethan '25), and Damian and Roseanne Moe and daughters. Both gatherings provided an opportunity for Cheeseman to share details about the school's strategic plan and vision for the future.

Concurrently, Goodloe represented Webb at the North American Boarding School Fairs in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Kingston, Jamaica, and Nassau, Bahamas, and met with several prospective students and their families.