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Calhoun, Brock, LeMaster receive monthly academic, arts and athletics awards
Rita Mitchell

Three students were recently honored in chapel with monthly awards for their work in academics, arts and athletics. Those receiving certificates for October were Ami Calhoun - Scholar of Month; Bailey Brock - Artist of Month; and Gage LeMaster - Student-Athlete of the Month.                                                

The academic and artist awards’ purpose is to celebrate those outstanding scholars who embody academic excellence and live the values of the six Enduring Understandings. Selection is made based on the following attributes: hard working, intellectually curious, best effort on all assignments, service to the community, enthusiasm about learning gains, self-agency, integrity in all actions and also participation in extracurricular activities. 

The student-athlete award celebrates those students who maintain an academic standard of 3.0 GPA or above; show respect for coaches, teammates, officials, teachers, other students and family; show enthusiasm and a positive attitude; display altruism and help teammates improve; display commitment to practice, games, and personal skill development; maintain honesty and play by the rules; and have high moral character.

Ami Calhoun

Jason Simpson, Advisor

“Ami is an exemplary Webb scholar. She’s a humble, selfless and kind young lady with an impeccable sense of integrity and responsibility. Ami has been the oldest member of our advisory group for several years now, and our younger members have always been able to look to her as an outstanding role model for what lies ahead. And now, in Ami’s senior year, we see the culmination of everything young people can develop at Webb—character, confidence, tireless and effective scholarship, and an understanding of how to put their unique voice and gifts to service for themselves and for others.”

Photo of Ami Calhoun - Award

Raymond Pryor, Teacher

Ami is a great example of a Webb Lady. Gentle in voice and spirit, she is always ready to participate in classwork and pursues all her classwork with enthusiasm. She is well deserving of this honor.

Bailey Brock

Susan Mullen, Teacher

“Bailey embodies Webb’s enduring understanding that “Each person has unique gifts and capacities and a responsibility to develop them.” Bailey gives her best effort always, takes her responsibilities as a violinist and an artist seriously, and absolutely loves to learn.”

Photo of Bailey Brock - Award 2022

Chadd Bridwell, College Counseling Director

“While I have many fond memories of Ms. Brock, I still recall Bailey's Junior Project, when she learned to play the fiddle and sang the Rated-G version of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."  Such confidence and grace on stage will indeed translate well as she performs in college next fall.”

Gage LeMaster

John McCreery, Coach

“Carter is a model for what a student-athlete is at Webb. He is a straight-A student, president of the honor council, and a two-sport athlete. He doesn't look for praise or applause; he goes about his responsibilities with determination and dry wit.” 

Photo of Gage LeMaster - Award 2022

Shelby Lamb, Advisor

“Gage is one of the hardest workers on campus. He has done a great job of pushing himself as hard in the classroom as he does on the field. I am so proud of all of the hard work he has put in, and I can't think of anyone better to receive this award.”