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Blake, Harding, Williams in Lee University High School Honors Choir
Rita Mitchell

Click for the full concert:

Three Webb students, Gabe Blake, Scout Harding, Caden Williams, recently participated in Lee University’s annual honor choir for high school students. While there, they had the opportunity to work choral directors, Dr. Cameron Weatherford (Assistant Professor of Choral Music, Lee University) and Dr. Jeff Johnson (Director of Choral Activities, University of Kentucky) on five musical selections to prepare for a final concert on Saturday. All students were invited by their choir director, and we prepared the songs before they left.

The final performance featured the full 9-12th grade SATB Honor Choir, 9-10th grade SATB Honor Choir, 11-12th grade SATB Honor Choir, Treble SSAA Honor Choir, and the Tenor/Bass TTBB Honor Choir. It also included a performance by the Lee University Chorale. 

“They students worked incredibly hard before and during this event, and I am incredibly proud of each student's musical progress as singers,” said Tyler Shaw, Webb choir director. “I am truly honored to have these people in the inaugural year of The Webb Singers.”