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Art Show and reception focus on recent student creations
Rita Mitchell

Art created in Webb’s classes, along with other students’ submissions were highlighted during an art show and reception in Lundin Fine Arts Center Feb. 16. Visitors to the center enjoyed beverages and charcuterie fare as they viewed the students’ creations. The event was hosted by the Fine Arts Department and coordinated by Michael Stem, Bella Crow and Marynn Spurlock, Webb art teachers. 

"I am so happy that we had the opportunity to highlight the wonderful artists we have at Webb. I was approached by Julia Callaway last year to host this event. She thought it would be great for art students to have an official event to celebrate their work and strengthen their resumes," said Spurlock. "We additionally thought it was important to give these students a night that was just about them, where all the attention was on them. Even with the thunderstorms, we had an incredible turnout of students and parents this evening."

She added, "We would like to thank The Webb School and Fine Arts Department for their continued support, Sage Dining for their generous assistance with catering, student volunteers for assisting with event setup and take down, and the parents of these talented Webb students who have nurtured their creative spirits."

Several students' statements about their art:

Ben Kendall

For my 2nd semester sustained investigation I want to continue to focus on character design, but this time I want to start using different mediums. Opposed to only traditional pencil sketching which I’ve been doing nearly the whole year. I want to try using digital art the most because I have a sketch pad that I haven’t used in a while and I think it would be good if I became familiar with digital art before going to SCAD. Besides using digital art, I also want to explore how I can show a character's personality and feelings in their design. I also want to show what kind of world they live in by the kind of clothes and overall style the character has.

Scout Harding

This independent study was intended to encompass an artistic representation of five different mental illnesses. The reality is mental illness has a scope so broad that narrowing it down to only one age group would be a crime. Things like social anxiety, seasonal depression, bipolar tendencies, and obsessive or compulsive habits can be experienced by anyone and that is why I wanted to depict everyone. In every painting, there are small details and little nuances that exist more for me than for anyone else. The hope is that as a viewer takes more time looking at a painting in the series he/she will notice more and more about the piece itself. I've learned so much throughout this project. A semester of my life devoted to the skill of turning an experience into a tangible painting. I have never found something to be so challenging yet so fulfilling.   

Henry Allsup 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what could I use to make my artwork speak an emotional story? What are the poses, details, colors, and forms needed to make something so simple as a single frame of a nonexistent world feel alive? I am surrounded by artwork that tells stories in many forms, and I want to emulate those storytelling techniques so that I can synthesize new understandings and ways to tell my stories through art. I want to practice my use of conveying emotions with color, actions through framing, and backstories through detail of the world and characters within them.

Proud Sriwongngam

By focusing on two-sided storytelling, my investigation aims to explore the potential of presenting contrasting or complementary narratives within a single artwork. Along with my further artwork, which is a monochrome comic novel or "manga" based on the ideas of the Isekai world (a genre in which the character "transitions into another world"), my concentration is focused on the contrasting world between the world where the main character originally lives and the other fantasy world that is based on the favorite game of the main character.