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Art Club paints park birdhouses as service project
Art Club

The Webb School Art Club teamed up with Shelbyville Parks and Recreation to bring some vibrant colors to the local bird population. For several weeks, students from the Art Club painted a variety of birdhouses, each one representing a different country. These countries have been specifically chosen to reflect the diversity of The Webb School's student body, and include China, Chile, Peru, Australia, Canada, and Ukraine.

The project began when Robert Johnson, a member of the park board and grandfather of Kora Johnson ’26 and Kegan Johnson ’28, approached the club with a request to beautify the parks' telephone poles with painted birdhouses.

Birdhouse Project - The Webb School

“Thanks to the support of Shelbyville Parks and Recreation, the students were provided with birdhouses and complete artistic freedom to express themselves,” said Marynn Spurlock, Webb art teacher and club co-sponsor with Kim Dickson, World Languages Department teacher. “The result is a stunning display of art that honors the unique cultural heritage of each country.”

She added, “We could not be prouder of the students. They not only enjoyed helping with the project but also took immense pride in representing their school. Even the Island of Cyprus, although not currently represented in the student body, is honored with a birdhouse. This project is a true testament to the power of collaboration and creativity to bring joy and beauty to our communities.”