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Annual trip takes middle school group to Charleston
Rita Mitchell

Students at The Webb School spent March 3-5 in Charleston, S.C., for the middle school trip. The group of 27 students and three chaperones enjoyed the weekend filled with sightseeing and other activities.

“The trip to Charleston taught me different sides and facts of our history and how it affected us now,” said Joanna Powers. “This trip also helped me bond with friends, taught me new life lessons and overall helped me grow as a person.”

Eamon Norris added, “The middle school trip to Charleston was both fun and really educational. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to go and learn so much in just three days, and hope future classes get the same opportunity.”

The itinerary began Friday with a tour of Charles Towne Landing, followed by a tour at the Old Exchange Building, dinner, and the day ended at Frankie’s Fun Park. On Saturday, the group experienced an Ecology Barrier Island Cruise, had a cookout on Barrier Island, and visited the Boone Hall Plantation complete with a Beyond the Big House Tour and Gala Show. Free time was spent at the Charleston City Market and then they enjoyed the Charleston Ghost and Graveyard Tour to cap the evening. The group toured Patriot’s Point on Sunday with the USS Yorktown, Vietnam Experience, Medal of Honor Museum, and a visit to Fort Sumter as special points of interest. Students spent the last couple of hours of the trip shopping at various stores, returning to Nashville Sunday evening.

“I cannot praise these Webb ladies and gentlemen enough for their behavior the last three days,” said Dr. Tabetha Sullens, assistant head of school. “They make me proud to travel with them. Their curiosity, manners, and kindness inspired me.”