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Meet Our Community

At The Webb School, our leaders, faculty, and staff are deeply committed to providing each of our students with a personalized education that meets their needs and sets them up for success.

Honor and personal integrity are the hallmarks of a Webb education, and we hold our close-knit community to conduct themselves with the highest of personal standards through both words and actions.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Leigh Adams

Director of Alumni and Development

Jon Bloom

Director of Student Affairs

Jim Callis

Associate Head of School

Ken Cheeseman

Head of School

Jena Jones

Director of Athletics

Rita Mitchell

Director of Communications

Tabetha Sullens

Associate Head for Enrollment Management

Nicole Taucare

Assistant Head for Academics and Arts

Meet Our Faculty

Rosie Arellano

Spanish Teacher

Whitney Bassham

Science Teacher, Varsity/MS Cheerleading (Assistant Coach)

Jacquelyn Boyanton

English Teacher, Middle School Coordinator

Casey Burrahm

Learning Services Teacher

Christopher Candy

History Department Chair

David Cicotello

English Teacher

Ruth Cordell

Theatre and Speech Teacher, Theatre Program Director

Bella Crow

Visual Arts Teacher, Varsity Softball (Assistant Coach)
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Meet our Staff

Alyce Allen

Director of Advancement Services

Kristen Bird

Assistant Director of College Counseling

Chadd Bridwell

Director of College Counseling

Reid Brown

Assistant Director of Technology

Risa Brown


Molly Burnette

Library Concierge

Angela Carter

Student Account Specialist

Cathy Cheeseman

MS & US Boys and Girls Cross Country (Head Coach)
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