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Webb's Residential Village, Phase I

The Webb School is committed to shaping a campus that can best blend the beautiful natural environment with buildings that are well-designed and functional to educate and house our students. In 2016 the school completed the Residential Village, Phase I project with two new 20-bed dorms -- Meadows Hall and Wendel Haynes Hall -- and a student center. Two additional dorms are also planned as part of the Residential Village. Our vision is to have a school of 150 boarders and 200 day students by 2022. These projects are a necessary step to reach that goal.

The Residential Village is located in a central area between the Administration Building and the Frank G. Barton Jr. Athletic Center. A groundbreaking ceremony for all three buildings was on Nov. 7, 2014, and construction began in early 2015. The student center is also situated near existing dorms and will better serve the boarding population and be more convenient for the day students, as well. Each dorm has two faculty residences attached.

Campus Map - Webb's Residential Village 

Student Commons Phase I - depicted in green
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At a Glance

New Student Center

• New location is central to all of present and future residential housing, bookstore included, offices for two faculty/staff members for supervision, a senior room, and a large room with the flexibility in seating arrangements for a variety of venues also part of design, Café/catering kitchen for daily use and special events, near Barton Athletic Center, where many afternoon activities occur.
•This building allows the Alumni and Development Office to completely occupy the current Student Center creating an alumni center for visiting alumni and a place for alumni, parents and board of trustees to meet.
New Dormitories

• The present boarding population is just short of capacity. We need dorms for both genders to move toward the vision of 150 boarding students by 2022.

• Webb’s  last dorm was constructed  34 years ago.
• The new dorms -- Meadows Hall and Wendel Haynes Hall --  accommodate 20 students  (total of 40 students).
• By having two dorms,  Webb has better flexibility to  meet future gender needs.
• These dorms will likely be for seniors and juniors.
• Each dorm has two faculty residences attached – one two-story, three-bedroom house and one single-story, one-bedroom apartment and study space. This accomplishes the strategic goal of improved faculty housing directly attached to dorms.

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Holiday party in the dorm